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How long usually takes you to reach Bronze-Silver-God?

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I been playing stakes for a few weeks now.  Im trying to level up to bronze it is challenging loss some deposits. Im currently at 56% now.

HOw long did it take you to reach a stage? Would you share your experience?


Advice/tips is greatly appreciated.



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Well, one day I got bored by the fact that I'm one of the oldest users of Stake and yet, people had reached Platinum etc. while I didn't even have anything (actually the reason for that is I didn't play when I got bored by playing with faucets, yes there was faucet when I was a user, and when I came back, the faucet was gone and this VIP thing came so idk if you can guess how long I didn't play for). So, I just deposited a total of around 150$ and then started betting with small and low risk bets and got to bronze in just around 6-8 hours :D

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11 hours ago, Freddyzone7 said:

@msteknoadam wow, you must of had above average luck. good on you.  I have been moving very slowly from bronze to silver. dropped 1 eth the other day and barely moved the needle.

Oh wow thats crazy with 1Eth not enough progress.. dang.. I just got into bronze today its been a rollercoaster ride. Best of luck to you @Freddy :)

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Thats awesome! some took a day some a month. I finished mine in a week to get to bronze. Had some losses but my goal now is to reach gold. HOpefully just need to explore some games and see which one im good at. 


Best of luck everyone! :)

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