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Thoughts on using dogecoin for small bets?

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Whats your thought on using dogecoin for bets?
transaction  fees on btc gets worse , here comes dogecoin which is getting popularity since the value is so low . 

what are your thoughts on using doge instead of btc for small bets?


also there is a great feeling of betting big with small amounts with doge!


please share your thoughts on if it is a good idea or people should stick to btc , since btc is a real value:) 

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Very good to have doge to bet. Especially if your btc banking is not so good. It is possible to place long bets with doge. And also the issue of small fees is a very big attraction for us to use currencies like doge and others. Besides that when we use excenches for btc the rates can reach 50k of satoshis. Too bad for low stalls. Dogecoin is a currency that I love to use for betting.

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