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What is the best games you have ever played?

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Since i can't go out from my house.. i play games like ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons) but mostly, gamers plays PVP such as Fortnite (Dead) and COD. I have played PVP games and they are so fun to play with because they have the thrill.. and you have to will to win like you.. will to win in gambling.. and the one last thing that i  liked is RPG. so you see, Zelda is one of the best games in E3 and they are releasing another one which is part 2 of the Zelda 2020.. 

and since lockdown, my friends who are not able to hangout with friends is now a gamer.. they play games such as Lol, CSGO, and others

so.. whats yours?

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The games I really like are Final Fantasy 7 and 9. Also most of fire emblem series. I miss games like Red alert, would be great to have it to switch. 

The breath of wild is another amazing game, I really loved it. It was challenging and lot of things can be done in the game. Mario Odyssey also quite fun

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