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Another coin rnters Stake.com 😮


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Well back at it again, stake have released a new currency called EOS, pretty popular amongst online crypto gambling sites..  just added the coin about an hour ago, and everyone's back on the hype for a new coupon or a reload :P

Now, i'd like to ask you a couple questions,

  • will you be playing with EOS in the near future?
  • Do you think the bonus for the coin will come in the form of a coupon, daily reload, or 5 minute reload?

Well, not many questions, but i'd like to know your thoughts about this coin, in my opinion i feel that it's going to have a hype around it for a while then it'll become a dead coin like bitcoin cash :P but who knows, there might be some highrollers out there who love EOS 

Let me know your thoughts on the addition of this new currency. COUPON OR RIOT!  XD

( Stake's thinking of adding USDT too if the community likes it :P )

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heyyy, i think the new eos coin is really cool. I think i would definitely be playing with this new coin. My all time favourite coin has been eth and ltc. But, eos could be the new favorite! I am wondering if it is a fast deposit time like ethereum. does any body know if it is? :D

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