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The whole tip a friend in casino.

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Guess you guys know the new update on stake. The whole thing about you need to add that person as a friend in order to tip him/her or the add new friend but no PM.

We all know that it is sometimes a pain when someone added you as a friend and getting pm by that person when you are focus on playing. But theres a reason why theres an Ignore button on stake. So i set this topic up in the discussion in order to get your reaction about the new update. 


What can you say about the add friend first then tip?

What can you say about the Friends but no PM?

Give your honest answer and reaction.

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I hope they revert this (thanks for letting us know Dan). Honestly, only being able to tip friends is very dumb. There is an ignore button for a reason. If tipping "dust" to highrollers os such a problem on stake, the minimum tip limit should be increased (again) and tipping should only be allowed for players of x status (e.g. bronze VIP) (if this is really a big problem).

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That is really annoying when a casino just changes to something that you don't like. I really had a great time, but changes like these are bad and I am against it. I see that most of us don't really like the change and that has made me look for a new casino. I really didn't know about other places and I was lucky to find https://onlinecasinogo.com.au/ because on there you can find the best casinos available. Out of them I liked Red Stag the most and now I spent all of my time playing on there. It is really fun and I love it for now.

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