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Favorite Movies 2020 List.

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17 hours ago, lisinjo said:

Comment some good movies, ill check them if worth being in the list and ill share the list when done here or new postšŸ™Œ.

Depending on whatĀ genre are you looking forĀ 

But one of my all time favorites are:

American GangsterĀ 

The Green MileĀ 

Shutter island is amazing like anything from NolanĀ 

The PrestigeĀ 

Hope this helps :D

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Invisible man (2020] 5/10

Having heard good things about this I was looking forward to seeing this.
Unfortunately it disappointed me, the actors didn't make me feel for any of them & the plot just didn't flow. Nothing was explained as to how or why things happened or what to back story was.

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