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I ve talked with a friend of mine a couple of days ago and found out last month he had 50% of my monthly bonus but he never deposited once or wagered a lot.

I want to ask you if you want to share your monthly bonus (10 minutes or daily amount) with us (or atleast with me 😅). Last month i think i've wegered only 100$ and got 2k satoshis each day, this month i ve wegered something like 1500-2000$ since the 1st of June and i'll let you know how much i will get.

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bitcoin2048 your monthly reward is based on your vip level and how much you wager, so for ex. if you wager a little and are not vip you might not even get a monthly bonus, for bronze if you wager very little it is 5$ i think but if you wager above a certain amount it is 10$.

The bonus increases in this way for higher vip levels 🙂

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