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[0.0045] Truth or Dare ​​❓​​| Discord challenge

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Dare – with a little bit of Truth:

As I am getting older heights are getting a little harder to do. Getting on the roof of our 2 story house near the edge is a little uncomfortable.  But, a few years ago we went to Vegas for a stag party/bucks night and did some tandem skydiving. The plane had duct tape holding things together and it was run by some wild looking characters. Scary times looking down through the floor to jump. But, once we jumped out. It was excellent! Next on the list is Bungie Jump. If I do, I will wait until the opportunity for a very large jump. Go Big or Go Home.


Another embarrassing moment. At a bar in Chang Mai in Thailand. Tried to pick up local girl, but found out she was a he. Had a good talk to the bartender, Wow. She got on her motorcycle, wearing a short skirt. Then came out in a deep voice “What are you looking at” I laugh at this now, but was I ever embarrassed at the time. The locals had lots of fun as I gave them great entertainment. I didn’t drink too much after that.



Best Best for the next few day.  Has to be Premier League Soccer.  I really enjoy live sports, just couldn’t get into watching Electronic leagues. Although waiting patiently for Ice hockey to return this summer.

Aston Villa /Chelsea Draw

Crystal Palace/ AFC Bournemouth over 3.5


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Good day to all of you! 🌞

I would like to inform you that the challenge has been paid out to top 25 users. 🎁 All of the rewards have been sent via tip, therefore if you won, you will find your share on your balance. 

I appreciate you took the time to participate! Your posts made be laugh, feel scared, some even a bit emberrased, but also cry. As if I were on an emotional rollercoaster. :D

Keep it up and see you again soon. 🤗

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