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The Races have become boring

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Well, now no one is trying to race

Every day there were 2 races, one of BTC, and one of an altcoin, now, we have 24 hour races, that is pretty much worthless for anyone to even try and race on. ( it mainly helps the highrollers get a little extra bonus, but that's it )

yes yes there is also the quick 15 minute races for 250$ total prize pool, but it's completely random, and ppl have lost the excitement for the races that they had before. i remember before that everyone would just be waiting for the race to start and watch what happens in the next 2 hours.


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Do you remember the sudden rolls hunts on telegram?they could happen in different  hours every day.ok the casino wants more ppl to play for more time.so they like to have th 24 hours race and not 20 minutes race to share 100$. And the  time and the money are about 7200$ meaning  the money they share. They could make something like that in random time 

Example :

at 01.00 20min race 100$ prices

At  01.05 20 mins race 100$ prices

At 03.40 20 mins race 100$ prices 

At 03.42 20 mins race 100$ prices

At 06.50 20 mins race 100$ prices 


So with this system more people  will race and have an opportunity  to win than in 24 hours  race.

I watch @EDDIE  racing every saturday o  90 minutes race starting with about 300$ balance and cant get on first 10 places .NEVER! 

So how a player can start to race for 24 hours even with 500$ and get in first places?that's why I think they should change the system


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Yes 24 hr races  are for big players . They wager big and in turn get some  money back .  Thats a consolation prize for them  : )  ha ha.   Small  races also dont hv extra bonus always . So if one races   he is bound to loose.   Unless u need level up fast dont race.  

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