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What do you think of this month's coupon?

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In my opinion, I think Stake should make it clear that practically no matter how much you bet or how much you wager, the monthly coupon will end up being the same, or at least in certain VIP levels (I am bronze). This month I bet close to 8k usd and I lost a lot of money for myself, and the coupon came to me exactly the same as last month in which I bet much less and lost equally less. What do you think?

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The monthly bonus is quite simple

1.base amount (based on your vip lvl ) 

2. your wager over the whole month

3. at some point for example when you are bronze there is a max you can get at total...but i cant tell how much it is. 
plat 1 i think is something like 75 dollar max 


hope i helped a little bit

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I think the most wagers have all been transferred to rake backs. I also believe that the monthly reload has been reduced due to players constantly winning. However, support still has a lot of explanation to do. As it is at the moment only the VIP are enjoying the bonuses and add with the small percentage of rakeback.

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