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Requirements for Joining Eddie's Weekly Stream Giveaways

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all fine :) 

Every week, new members ask the same question: 

“Why can't I join Eddie’s giveaway?”

I want you guys to know some of the requirements that are important for participating in this giveaway.

Here are the necessary requirements and rules.

1) You need at least 10 posts so you can join Eddie’s giveaway. (https://prnt.sc/t399t0)

2) You must link your Stake account to the Stake forum. Or you will be skipped (Account Settings > Edit Profile / https://prnt.sc/suuwj9)

3) You can only post that Stake account username which is connected with your Stake forum account. Otherwise, your post will be removed.  

4) Avoid spam! Do not try to spam this forum with low-quality and meaningless posts in order to get 10 posts to join Eddie’s giveaway. If you try to do this, it will lead to a restriction, and you will lose the chance to join the giveaway of Eddie next week.

5) Avoid posting your username twice or more, otherwise you will be disqualified.

6) Do not try to join this giveaway with two or more accounts, otherwise you will be banned. Because it is not allowed to use more than one account in the Stake forum.

Best of luck 🍀


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1 minute ago, Rille07 said:

Thanks for the post Faris, 

very useful for new members like me. 

I have one question, last week Eddie was not able to stream due to OBS settings. Did he fix the issue and will tonight stream be flawless?  😁

Thanks for the positive feedback :) 

We all hope that today there will be no such problem. Everything will be fine

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1 minute ago, williamshennie9 said:

I doubt it's new member trying to join, it is simply alts using different IP addresses.

Too many new members come to join this giveaway every week :) 

You can be sure that we will not allow anyone to join this giveaway with two or more accounts. Everything is checked by the staff every week.

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