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My account is hacked

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Hi friends, I will tell you an incident that happened to me.

I Voba2you some friends recognize me

This account was stolen last week. I contacted the support team. they asked for a few verifications and sent everything they wanted completely Although my account has a mail and a verified phone number, nobody helped me. I did not have 2FA installed in my account I couldn't log into my account in the morning from last week. I tried to reset my password 2FA wanted. I went to my workplace then I tried again and I couldn't enter again. I came home late in the evening, I applied to the support team because I could not log into my account in the morning. I sent all the documents requested from me to get my account back. They checked and said to me your account was blocked indefinitely. When I asked why, it was said that it was closed with account sale or account sharing crime. I told you many times, I asked for help, I met everyone, but I could not find help. All my efforts were stolen, my account was blocked indefinitely :(support team no longer responds to my messages. As a last resort, I thought of opening a topic here. If you have had such an incident, please tell you. They say it's been checked over and over again and I can't get it back.  I'm really sorry about this :(
I'm sorry for my bad english. 
See you Guys, Take care of yourselves.

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Hello there, Voba 👋

First of all, the account was not hacked at all, but sold. The player who bought it sent us screenshots as proof. You sold the account as a leverage for the debt you owed him of 0.02 BTC. Since it was a VIP account with a host you expected to iron this out with Reloads and level-up bonuses. In case there is any doubt left here: account selling is not allowed and gets the account in question banned. 

I muted the account until we determined the ownership of it and after looking into it, the obvious was confirmed. (He did not steal any funds from it, just wanted to play the Battles and get the VIP privileges from it, so your story doesn't really hold here). Therefore, account was permanently banned in the end.

The buyer then contacted you to try and sort this out for him, and you offered to get access of the account back for additional 0.01 BTC now credited to you. You raged on Live Support and shared your Telegram contact on chat too, which got your alt muted as well. 

As I mentioned to the buyer too, the accounts which are sold are irreparably lost, no matter what level you are, no matter what deals you have internally made among yourselves, you lost it and all of the VIP privileges on it too. 

If you need any additional confirmation, contact on Live Support again, and they will provide you with screenshots of the Telegram convo; I will not share them here out of respect for your privacy. 

P.S. Ask yourself why would someone hack your account just to have access to it, no funds on it, no withdrawals of any funds. And you contacting us at the exact same time when we confirmed to the buyer it will be locked since he is not the original owner. Too many coincidences, imo.

Case closed!

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7 hours ago, Voba2you said:

Most of it is correct, but you should listen to the story from my point of view.

Heard your side of the story and 'we did not know the accounts are allowed to be sold' does not hold due to the fact that the Chat Rules need to be read as you register account to site, they are linked to you immediately and also, both you and your friend can't have ignored that. Just in case, though, Rule #4: 

I will lock the topic now since we spoke and also not to see you here dragged by the community. You really shouldn't have make a topic throwing false accusations on Live Support allegedly not wanting to help you. 

We always help players with their accounts inquiries, as long as they take basic care of their accounts themselves, i.e. don't use the accounts as leverage and merchandise. 

Feel free to register a new one, and start collecting your VIP benefits from the scratch, sorry. 

Once again, kind regards! 

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