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I think there should be like different prizes for each positions, and like if you will use hidden you get half or smth like that or in one race like only the odd positons get $5 and the evens $10 in the top 20, 

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Hidden race.

All people will be hidden for that race, and then exposed for the last minutes.

Prize will be the same actually since I don't even know about the prize distribution and also for the EV of the Casino.

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Races were designed to

1. Encourage Bettor

2. Provide Bonuses to those who Wagered More

3. Additional Prize, Competition and Enjoyment

And Others

24Hour Races are Good, Everyone gets a Chance to participate

Mini Races are also Fun, gives chances to mid wagers

Everything was already figured out by Support Team. Prizes forr top 20-100places, random places, odd/even

But i think, mostly people do dice limbo plinko as i also see on eddie's stream because its fast, odds are changeable and most probably the best way to increase wagers for both small and high rollers..

Maybe to promote all games..

Races for specific games

Example: Races for Bacarrat/BlackJack and all other games..

Wagers only on a specific games will count.

This way, it will also promote specific strategies of gamblers. For Bacarrat, its a 50/50 chance which would be also risky for high rollers and would be more even to all participants..

It would be fun to compete on a single Game

1. It promotes the game

2. Develop possible strategies per game

3. It would be like dealing with each other since we will doing the same game

It will be fun especially if the game is crash or slide because every1 is there and will see how every1 bets..ūüėĀūüėĀ

Then bonus rewards to the person with the highest bet multiplier win (Top 5 or 10)

Example plinko( 10$ bonus to those who hit 1000x, 5$ to those who hit 420x etc)

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hmm what about daily 2 hour races with a 1k $ prize... i mean they were much better for normal players. Now only Highroller can achieve such a big wager in 24 hours and in these 10k $ there is no positive EV and even less with the new 5k $ races.  :D sounds like riot 

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Definitely should look into payout to those who are wagering 500 btc a day! I dont know which formula you would use but a % +/- based on balance that was more fair. Say Pug has .5 eth and profited .35 has 70% profit made and Charlie has 20 btc and won 5 btc although he won more money the percentage is only 25%. That way both sides can have a piece of the pie!

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Posted (edited)

There is enough place to make 2 list of ranked racers. 


10k$ Daily Race Total:

5k$ race for "HR" users

1. all wagger with bb more than "0.0005" BTC will be ranked seperat and would have a decent price + extra bonus.

5k$ race for other users

2.  all racers with bb lower than "0.0005"BTC will be ranked also seperat and have a decent price without bonus.

similar like vip challange with high or lower balance / base bet

-if you bet over "50k" sat you will be auto placed on HR race list... 


alts shouldn't be allowed to get 1. place on both race ...

everyone will have fun to hunt 1. place ;)



Edited by saidha
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10 hours ago, Steve said:

Have an idea you want to see happen in the next bonus for the 24 hour race? Leave a comment below and your idea might be used

I think if the bonus be for place 101th to 120th of races that 20 person would be happy for trying in race


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12 hours ago, Steve said:

Have an idea you want to see happen in the next bonus for the 24 hour race? Leave a comment below and your idea might be used!

I think 50% prize for big 3 is more reasonable way for awesome race @Steve , then 25% for 4th - 10th. And rest prize spare for 11th - 50th. Only idea. Regards

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i tottaly agree with the suggestion above that states there should be an encouragement or special twist for places paid in the mid (10-20) and bottom(20-30)

1 randomly picked places in the mid and bottom will be awarded extra , it would be great if the prize could be equivalent to what the fourth place is getting to make the players really race for it. the middle and bottom section players will have a extremely challenging last minute in the race figuring out how to end at that special position.

My suggestion is 23 and 33 place that will have the special prizes awarded

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Posted (edited)

Racers amount wagered during the race is hidden.. it would make things interesting.  Not knowing how close you are to dropping a position or possibly gaining a postion..   BlindStakeRace..

Edited by luckylokieluke
Thought of a name.. BlindStakeRace.. Its catchy..
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1.Top 50 positions get a 5-25$ bonus

If u waggered above 1.5 btc u get 5$

If u waggered above 2 btc u get 10$

If u waggered above 3 you get 15$

If you wagger above 3.5 you get 20$

If you waggered above 5 you get 25$

2.Top 40 positions 

There will be 4 100$ winners which they will get randomly picked before thw races starts and each gets 250$

From 30-40




Each one will get 250$ and there will be no hints for the positions they will get annnounced when race ends


2 players get 500$

They are selected from 1-25 and 26-50

The players must have hidden mode disabled when the race ends and the positions will get announced 10 mins before race ends if they waggered above 5-10 btc they get an extra 20$

4.100$ for 10 racers

10 racers from position 1-40 get to win 100$ they must be unhidden and waggered above 3 btc  hints will be given in english chat in 3 different times






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