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The trick to HYIP sites!

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Hi to all of the Stake members! 


I am new here so this is my first topic creation. Hope that you guys like it. 


I am sure that during all of our time searching for sites that we can earn crypto on or sites that we can earn good interest rates, that we all have come across at least one site that advertises bitcoin doubling or exorbitant interest rates in a couple days or a week. So let me just tell you guys a bit more about these sites. 


Now most of the time these sites are complete scams, but just because they are scams does not mean that you cannot make anything from it. It all depends on timing and the site that you use. All of these sites work of the ponsi scheme and so they use new investments to pay off their old investments and once they have made a lot of money they close the site down and they are gone with your money. So here is the key here... and the tip for you all... 


Only invest in a HYIP site when it first comes up. Generally these sites pay out in the beginning to their new users so that they can encourage more and more users to join. So make the minimum investment and then you might get paid if you are one of the first to use the site. But if you do get paid, then don't use that site again, it is too risky. Just take your profits and leave. 


If you want to make large profits, try investing the minimum in multiple HYIP sites like this. For example say you invest $100 in ten sites (that is ten dollars a site) and if three of them are scams and seven pay out double. That means you made $140 dollars. That is already 40% interest despite the losses you made on the scam sites. Just don't be greedy and go back there because that is when you will lose out. 


I hope this helps you guys. And if this was helpful to you please like my post. I would really appreciate that. All the best to all!

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That's a horrible advice. If you try this with a low balance, the risk is not worth the profit. And if you try it with a big balance the chance that your try will trigger the scam and you will lose your money is way too high. Basically just stay as far away as possible from everything that promises to double your money, it is a scam every time. If something seems too good to be true, it normally is.

Rather just gamble your money on some 2x bet on whatever game in stake, higher chance to actually win and if you loose your money at least it doesn't go to a horrible scammer.

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