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This is absolutely ridiculous, like stake just chooses to not give me the monthly bonus this month for some reason, just never sent me the email for it, and then when I ask about it I'm told sorry, and given a coupon to use that says "big plans" in the link and when I open that link it says the coupon is expired!! So why was I not given the monthly bonus, and then given this coupon AFTER it expires like great vip treatment guys.

Literally tells me if I had of contacted them earlier they would have helped me, like how is it my fault that u guys didn't give me the email for the monthly bonus and how am I supposed to just know about this big plans coupon to ask for it like what kinda game is this 

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Well monthly bonus was released over a week ago at this point, if you missed those 5 days when you could claim the reload then you most likely aren't going to get special treatment to claim it again. The reload was for a 5 day span and anyone who logged on saw it. That's like me asking support if I can have last week's weekly bonus when the new week has already started.

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