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My strat in 7 digit! Hit x700 x400 x350


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Before i start in auto play i test 10 rolls and every roll i take a screenshot and i compare what is the number that always win at the same time 🤔

Then after that i will choose the number and start the roll. But ill make sure the 1st roll make 3 to 4 win. If not stop then play it again.






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This is one game I am never able to understand or make profit. If it's a free to enter Keno tournament, I select 15 numbers, put it on max bet of $10 and go make a cup of tea. By the time am back, either it's all gone like most times or I hit a 10x or 50x. One day in a tournament, I got a hit of 10 out of 15 numbers which is 1500 and after it's like going south no matter how much I alter the bet sizing or change to consistent hitting numbers. If I select different numbers, It'll start hitting the ones I deselected 😂😂 So yeah, from real money stand point it's all luck since all these games are RNG driven whether it's video poker, Slots or Keno. That's just my opinion but sure there are smart people who are able to figure patterns as few claim. Cheers! 

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