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Did you ever have sex with a virgin girl?

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To be honest, I didn't know about this virginity & hymen kinds of stuff even when I'm in 12th grade until I saw a porn movie on a night when my parents are out of town. It made me crazy. After that, whenever I had any chance to watch porn, I chose defloration videos.

I was desperate to find a virgin girl. Luckily my first girlfriend from college 2nd year was a virgin. It was my first sex too. I wish I had any camera-mobile that time to record my first sex-experience(it didn't mean to offend anyone).

After that, I had made sex with another two girls in my 4th year of college(I was very popular in college due to my cricket and guitar), but none among them are virgin. 

My last virgin girl of life is my wife. Even today, my craze for a virgin girl is same as before(though I'm fully committed to my wife and never had sex anyone else after marriage)..

This was my story. Now it's your turn. Tell us your story. Did you make sex with a virgin girl in your life..??

Let's see who made the cherry popped..!!

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