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What I did with my 10mins Reload

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10 mins reload was given by Stake together with the lauching of the New Samurai Slots

It would be hard to claim every 10mins for 3 days days straight but on my calculation i could get around 10$ if i do it without passing

So i tried claiming since its free..

What i did is i claim on Doge since its the only Currency that shows a fair number(Just good for the eye but ofcourse same amount)

If BTC i ger around 380 satoshi, on Doge around 9 Doge.

While waiting every 10mins

I play it on Plinko with 

0.1 - initial bet

8- rows


This way u don't lose much

What i aim is to be able to collect as much as i can at the same time make progress on VIP ranking %..

As shown in the picture

I have claimed aroung 4 times to 5..making progress on wagered amount but able to accumulate my claims..

Not much, but for those who r going to Bronze..it could make progress..(better with a little progress than no progress at all)

Hope it helps!

10000$ to bronze = 2.6Million Doge

Impossible to reach but i think 26kDoge is possible which is 1% 

Good Luck Stakers

Screenshot_20200710-224620_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200710-225357_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20200710-225532_BTC Calc.jpg

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