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Cross change deposit refundable?


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What do you mean? All transactions where you send crypto to another address are irreversible once they are confirmed. That includes exchanges where you send currency to another party and in turn they send you an equivalent amount (minus fees and conversion spread) from their own wallet in the different currency to the other address you specify. The only way to get refunds (say you never received the exchanged currency) would be to contact the exchange service and have them initiate a new transaction for the original amount.

Now if you made the mistake of sending Bch to a Btc address (non-segwit), then you can recover the funds by exporting your Btc private key and uploading it to a Bch wallet. The private key is valid for both crypto utilizing the legacy address format. If that happened on Stake just contact support. If this is the case they can possibly recover and credit you account. (Don't quote me on that though)

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