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On 9/3/2020 at 3:05 AM, Chetej said:

There is a lot game for wagering.

Dice 1.01 

Limbo 1.01

Plinko 8 High 

Wheel 10 LOW 

Keno classic 

You need to choose one of them and start wagering.

May i know rate of dice 1.01? Can we wager 100x balance?

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for me, the best game to wager is plinko with animation off, cause its fast and wont really get you bankroll drained but of course it depends on your bankroll if it can handle the possible losing streaks. keep in mind that when you only plan to wager and you're using 1.01x in dice limbo and etc, you wont get profit in any of it just wager :) 

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What do you mean "for wager" 


1.01x bets don't count towards total wagered or races so you have to do 1.02x minimum. 

If I wanted to just run up my wager for the race or something I would probably try to make a few thousand off of playing "normally" then go to limbo and do $5000 at 1.02x for 20 hands or something for 100k wagered. 


Or do sports betting cause it's double wager count. 

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