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Stake 3.0 Feedback 😎

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Hello, Stakers! :D 

As you all can see, our Stake 3.0 beta version is out! 

Our team worked hard to get this fresh looking new design just for you. :) 

So if you have any feedback, feel free to tell us!


  • What would you like to see to be added or removed, or even adjusted in the new version to make playing easier for you?
  • If you notice any bugs, visual or system ones, make sure to provide us with video and steps on how to reproduce it.
  • What version do you like better - old Stake 2.0 or the beta version Stake 3.0? 
  • Please when you give feedback let us know of the device and browser that you are using at the moment, and make sure you are on the newest version of the system and browser too.


Cheers! 🍻

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Stake 3.0 beta version of course it's better, now it's nice to watch, but you still have a lot of work to do! In sports, we improved the text line on the left and added my bets, which is also good! And improved the images. The sports button and the casino button should not be hidden, it is an extra time to click again!


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hi rade, the stake 3.0 looking amazing. i can proudly say now it looks so much attractive as a gaming platform. Great job to the production team.

i think the private message function should be made available again to players. To prevent passive beg through the PM maybe we could implement it just for the platinum level and above?

i think it would be also great if we could have a special chat room just for platinum and above level.

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