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Stake 3.0 Feedback 😎

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nice improvements. good to see that stake wants us to be more comfortable.


but it seems like the new design aims to be open for more games and game providers. i personally don't need that stupid game providers stake is amazing with it's original design. i hope they won't ruin their authenticity by adding new game providers.

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I am on mobile and here is my feedback. 

Casino :

First, the icons are too big. Would be great if they are smaller so we can see all the games. Being able to have an overview of all games makes it a bit smoother for challenges. With big icons there will be too much scrolling. 

Second, what is the purpose of having favourite and recent? Are the no other more important ones? I would rather have live stats here. Having easy access to live stats would be great for races. Also I can see favourite tab on other places as well, surely one should be more than enough no? please refer to below screenshots. 


Lastly, for sports section, I actually like the design for popular section, it have an easy access for the football leagues I follow. Thumps up for this one. 







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1 hour ago, deluxy88 said:

hi rade, the stake 3.0 looking amazing. i can proudly say now it looks so much attractive as a gaming platform. Great job to the production team.

i think the private message function should be made available again to players. To prevent passive beg through the PM maybe we could implement it just for the platinum level and above?

i think it would be also great if we could have a special chat room just for platinum and above level.

Having a platinum only chat room made private would bring a better sense of what it is to reach this level.

As I had always thought there was a location for platinum only members to talk to each other. Until I became one and found out it was only a myth. :)

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I actually like the new design, it looks pretty nice and makes it much easier to get from one point of the site to another, which is actually pretty nice. One thing that I am missing is the button to Forum from Account menu :( I want that back :( I had to go all the way down to the bottom of the page for the Forum link, it was nice having it up and easy to access :D Besides that, it might look a little overwhelming as there are 2 sidebars (one left and one right) plus some extra buttons (the search, account, sidebar and the left hamburger menu), but it has a pretty smooth learning curve, once you find out where everything is, it's kind of easy to operate.

So far, I haven't found anything not to work as expected, I'm running Windows 10 with Firefox 78.0.2 in case it helps.

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