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Stake 3.0 Feedback 😎


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First little things I wanna say about 3.0
- The facelifted images on the homepage look great
- The possibilty to show your balance in USD can be very usefull for some player I guess (maybe you can add some more currencies, thinking about Euro and some other Asian currencies)
- It's great that you can also place your sportsbet slips next to casino cames,
so you can follow your bets while playing in casino and not have to switch each time between them.
- The updated layout is also nice, only would I give it some little changes:
1. I would place the 'Settings'-button next to the others

2. I would place 'Fairness' on the bar too, not hidden under 'Settings', this would be easier to find for new players. And how should I say it, when you put it behind the 'Settings'-button, new players could think you have something to 'hide' (if you understand what I wanna say) (Fixed already)

- 'Live stats' and 'My bets' list aren't working correctly, it doesn't show all bets. (Did report this to Uros already) (Fixed already)
- Diamond Poker is still not back :(

(I'm using Opera on Windows 10)

- Also I'm missing a quick link to the forum (not the one at the bottom of the page, but somewhere easy on top) *(Or I didn't find it yet again, if it's there, can anyone tell me where?) (This could maybe be placed in the left side bar?)

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I will say the only thing I like is the new images for the games.

Chat has more annoying to get to, Why cant we have a chat button by the support button again?

When looking at Sports bets its more annoying now. it takes more steps to do so,

the notifications do not notify us anymore - This is annoying for sports bet players, I like how that was before.


I wish the chat and sports bets slips were how they were before I think it was more user friendly  

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I like that recipients are back in tip log.

I don't like that notifications are now buried under Account.

I liked my username more than generic account.

I thought it was more "up front" when the house edges were listed under the games, now you have to hit a button.

Good luck with the improvements and thanks for making Stake better!

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  • Support
18 hours ago, shenTV said:

all i can say is you did a great job. but i cant see the "Forum" in the option where i can go directly to the forum without typing it. i hope you manage to put it back. over all very good job Stake Team and Eddie.. Keep it Up. Regards :)

When you go on the bottom of the Stake homepage you will find link to click to lead you directly to forum and will do so by opening it in a new tab. :) 


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My opinion for Stake 3.0

In my opinion Stake 2.0 was kind of the best of a layout and UI out of all of the three, but it kind of changed and it had to in order for the games to be added that are in beta now, so I don't really mind.

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1.The chat keeps popping back up whenever I open a new tab, I would like a toggle option for chat. If it's closed once it should that way. It's annoying to close it again and again.

> Also, the same thing when you go to sports bets via account tab, chat pops up open again. Add a option to toggle chat!!! 


2. Making multi is tough, When you open a new tab the system doesn't tend to remember the old bets selected, earlier it was not the case so. This needs to be rectified.

3.This min bet thing looks like a bug...


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hello all its my observation in last two days ,its look better than older version but too much heaver  sites day by day.its  pulled too much memory when i  open any adventure games.


one more suggestion instant bet should be in open tab 

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I've given my time to Stake.com for about a year and a half, mainly I'm interested in the narrative of stake's development. I've watched with great interest all aspects of stakes development particularly the challenges and obstacles that arise due to rapid growth . Studying stakes development is like watching in fast forward an organism evolve, adapt and change to the circumstances in its environment. As challenges arise it is very interesting to see how effectively stake respond or adapt or circumvent those challenges, and how the team at stake iterate through solutions. At times out of curiosity I would test those solutions, to gauge their effectiveness in implementation. I'm not a gambler at heart so my interest in stake is mostly as I have indicated above, however I will try to give some feedback on the Stake 3 changes.

I think the visual language and styling has improved, the timing was just right for a refresh and the designers did a good job on that.

With the introduction of so many new games, the site Navigation and information architecture was going to need an overhaul, and again I think the designers did a good job on that aspect.

There is a higher level of cohesion regarding the implementation of Brand values throughout stake's core activities and support structures and this is for the most part a good development.

Stake have many excellent and competent people on their team who are doing excellent work, unfortunately that good work is being undermined in part by some. I won't go in to detail on the less positive aspects as I've been infomed by a moderator here that that would not be welcome. My time as a player at Stake is coming to an end So I wish Stake best of luck and great success with version 3 and onwards.

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I hate it. Really hate it. I played PD for years, stake the same, just for the reason of their unique games and fairness. seeing there curacao gaming makes me sick.. don't get me wrong.


when i get from the mobile and i see how hard is actually to get to play the slots or the diamonds it's a mess... make it more easier or maybe a link where we can play on the classic stake games.. really don't want to play the bonus buys on pragmatic lol

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LOVE Stake 3 it's so much better having the choice.  Thought of am idea for dice.  Maybe to be able to bet on a certain number - that would be cool.  Difficult obviously to win it but sometimes when you have the "feeling" for a certain number be good to back it up  and hopefully win big :)

New games are amazing especially slots.

Looking forward to even more.  I've played every day since the launch!

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