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🏆 Sport Bet Race 🏆

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Hello Sport Bettors! 

Weekend Sport race is back

This time, we are looking for highest winning odds! (not payout win)    Single and multi bets are eligible! 

Post screenshot of your winning tickets!

We are looking for 3 winners:

1st place- 0.1LTC 🥇

2nd place- 0.05LTC🥈

3rd place- 0.01LTC 🥉


The Race starts today and ends on Monday! Bets must have been made after the beginning of this race.


Good luck everyone! 🏆


1st place: maxpayne25 0.1LTC 🥇  169.42-winning odds 

2nd place: Thepug 0.5LTC 🥈  88.70-winning odds

3rd place: taongam 45 🥉 45.00 winning odds


Congratulations everyone! 🏆








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