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Ghost of Tsushima

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I have spent the last weekend playing this fantastic game from Suckerpunch, only on PS4.

In this game, set on the island of Tsushima, Japan in the year 1274 you play as Lord Jin Sakai, to defend the island against the Mongols, who have occupied the island.

I do not want to reveal to much about the game, but I just wanted to say that the graphics are fantastic, and the game play is good. You start to play as a samurai, fighting the mongols with honor. But as you play the game, you start to turn into a ghost, fighting with trickery and stealth.

I can really recommend this game, to everyone who like a good adventure game.

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This is a game I'm definitely getting when I have the time to play, watched some preview streams on twitch and it feels great running around with minimal ui to get the full immersion feeling.

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