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Scammers still exist in 2020

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The year isn't 2010, it is 2020 and still scammers are alive. From the recent high profile scams to our low profile scams, they are active everywhere. While some scams look direct, there are many scams which would include more beating around the bush, like the one I recently have become a victim of. We have a very active user on most of the gambling sites including stake. I came in touch with him, and it all looked perfectly normal until one day he asked me if i could spare some. As an unknown person that I was, I trusted him once. Gave 10% of my balance (at that time) which wasn't quite enough for him i guess because he asked for more and i ended up giving him 10% again in chunks of 5%. The reason why I am talking in percentage is to give you an idea of what I had given to him from my perspective. 

I was promised to be paid with in 24 hours which obviously didn't happen.

So I waited and on 12th of July, I was given a lame excuse that the card would be credited with money by 17th of july. Okay, I waited again. On 17th I was told, I will be paid but you might have guessed by now. 

Instead of directly "am not paying" it is more like indirect "beating around the bush" way which many many people fall prey to. 

This post is an eye opener not only for me but for everyone in here or elsewhere. 

I am not the only one who Professerx has scammed, there are many people like me too. His alts include ProfesserD and Professer on stake. Attaching a screenshot of my chat with him. I dont remember the date. Its an old one though.

Concluding the post with a couple of points, firstly, avoid loaning to people even if you know them. Secondly, don't lend BIG chunk of your balance. 

All the best!

Screenshot from 2020-07-21 07-57-18.png

Screenshot from 2020-07-21 08-06-29.png

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ryan, when u start to share u are too kind to people

but world is not good enough fair, there are some dirty minded people also living 


but GOD returns you in either way what u done good to people,, its a law of karma


anyways, good luck to you in your every move


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wrong name
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