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Scammers still exist in 2020

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I think most of people played from 2017 know nickname " yoe77". Right. He is player wager over 1000 btc but he is a scammer too. I lost the data but i was trusted him and let him borrow 1.7 btc at that time. I know i stupid but... nothing i can say. He is promissed to pay until end of 2018 and he disappear.

I promissed everything i said above is true. If anything wrong i will die.

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Scammers is everywhere if there's a money so they always trying to scam people the best way to avoid scam is never trust people on social media
or any gambling site even it's your friend they will scam you. I already experience it back January 2020 one of my friend here on stake borrow 
0.005 Bitcoin he said he will double it after 24 hours but until now never pay it.

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