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Hi peeps o/

With all the spam I see sometimes at the chatroom, I got thinking it could maybe be an idea to create a slow mode for the chatroom.
I think the chatroom (without the 'bad people') is one of the things which makes the 'Stake community'.

General slow mode 
I don't know what's possible to develop but I only have an idea of how I see a slow chatmode.
- For example most of the times the spam starts after a (big) rain. Maybe this could be used as a trigger to turn on automaticly slow mode for a short time.
Like when a rain comes, chat goes to slow mode and chatters can only post 1 message every 30 seconds for a 2 minute period

- The spam also increases when people 'expect' a rain (like for example at the end of the weekly stream). 
Maybe you could create a trigger that chat goes in to slow mode after a certain amount of messages in a minute.
For example 300 messages/minute = chat goes in to slow mode, people can only post 1 message again every 30 seconds for a 4 minute period

Personal slow mode
Sometimes it's not the whole community which is spamming, but just one person.
- Here it could also be a trigger that every user can only post a certain amount of messages/minute. If above he goes in to slow mode and can only post 1 message every 30 seconds for a 2 minute period. 
*(if this user keeps getting in to slow mode, it's maybe a base to get an auto mute for 1 or 2 hours)

- Something harder to create I think and maybe more to get an auto mute instead of slow mode:  tagging a HR or someone who tips/rains in multiple messages in a short interval.
*(When a person is getting tagged a lot in a short period by multiple users, you could turn chat too in to slow mode, but that woudn't be fair to the 'good people')

Ofcourse it should also be possible that support can turn it on when needed and that it doesn't have influence on the chatting of support and mods, they should be able to post a message at any time.


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I 100% agree with your suggestion and already talked about this with the support people, but so far nothing came out of it and they would love to have it too as far as I can tell. I really hope that this will be implemented one day, it would work wonderful to fight off the huuuge spam whenever someone hits a big win or rains a big amount or every week at the end of eddies stream when he rains. Put in a 30sec slow mode option and the chat will never be killed again lol

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  • Forum Admin

This feature already exists and we use it on certain situations. Any support member or higher can trigger a slow mode on any chat channel based on time between messages. Thanks for the suggestion though, very thoughtful of you!

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