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🎵 Stake Birthday Singing Contest 🎵


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Ends: 08/10/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 

Stake Birthday Contest! 🎈🎉

Like the previous ones, this year on Stake was really surprising and interesting. Thanks to Stake we met many people, tried some new things, had our ups and downs and many more. Since Stake birthday is coming up we decided to make a singing contest and to determine your vocal abilities as well as songwriting!  

To enter this competition you will need to sing "Happy Birthday Song" or even to compose your own birthday song to congratulate Stake on its 3rd birthday. Warm up your vocal cords, and get started!



  • You will need to sing "Happy Birthday Song" or to make up your own birthday song for Stake; try to think the best and the most creative way that relates to Stake's Birthday.
  • You can sing "Happy Birthday Song" in English or in your native tongue, it is up to you entirely.
  • At the very beginning of the voice recording you will need to state your stake USERNAME and STAKE BIRTHDAY CONTEST as your apply with your recording on this thread. Then start to sing and record for Stake Birthday Contest.  
  • Record your song via smule, vocaroo, Youtube channel or any recording apps (solo recordings only, no duets) with TITLE: Stake Birthday Contest.
  • Only users with linked stake accounts will be eligible, and the reward will be paid to the linked account.

Additional Requirements:

  • You can post the song on any social media that you use (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag: #StakeBirthdayContest2020 but only on one platform.
  • Post/comment the link of your recordings here on the thread too.
  • You need to have 10 or more posts on Forum in order to participate. 
  • Support team members and moderators will voluntarily participate in the decision-making and announcement of winners after the August 8th birthday celebration ends. You can submit your entries up to 10th August midday GMT
  • Prizes would be distributed on Tuesday, 11th August.

Prize Pool:

  1. 1st place - 1 LTC
  2. 2nd place - 0.7 LTC
  3. 3rd place - 0.3 LTC

*The remaining prize pool (1 LTC) will be shared among the remaining participants equally :) 

Best of luck and let's sing together! 🎤

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Thanks for giving an opportunity to sing a song on the occassion of stake 3rd anniversary ....Glad to be the part of stake for many more years to come ...#Happy_Birthday_Stake

My song Lyrics

Damn i know it takes
a lot of luck and only luck
to make a little something off of gambling in profit
and it inst fun when you loose
normally, normally people enjoy when they win but on here, on stake 
people enjoy even if they loose and when you loose a bunch stake says take a break
well thats great aint it hey

I am imagining a cake, and a lit candle, stake please blew it off and
Im hoping you guys go on till end of my breath cheers to great years ahead may you give the whole gambling world an amazing shake, happy birthday stake.

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Adding lyrics of the song .
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Billie Eilish - lovely ( because your site is charming ) and and happy birthday at the end

My participation in the Challenge Stake Birthday, I do not know if I will be in the theme ...

I take this opportunity to do a little ad and put one of my videos posted two years ago (where I play interstellar on the piano)


On this I wish you a good day / evening



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chang title
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I love it when I double my deposit

I wish I could 3 times my cryptocoin yeah

But every click is oh la la la

It's true la la la

Oh I should be running

Dice I keep coming for yah


All in my money

That bet went hot from all that drop

Switch side to green yeah

Before it even goes R.I.P yeah

It felt like oh damn sh*t No No No


I got more bet in I played for hours in the site

Till it get sunrise

Oh sh*t damn baby baby

It's Stake's party

Oh 3rd birthday party, yeah


I wish you all the best It's party party

Come on and sing some happy birthday party

Enjoy some crypto rain coz it's Stake's, it's Stake's party yeah.

Oh I should be playing

Dice I keep coming for yah.....




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Hello Guys :) Sorry for my voice and and my English xD I wish you all the best stake, and more birthday to come ❤️ 




P.S- I try to download and rename it then upload it again, but the name didn't change, and i already share it on my twitter account. Thank you!

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I created and sang the song in my language, in Portuguese, below is the translated lyrics, thank you very much.


translation of the music I created.


Right there on the network a website exists.
And today it's been three years, so I congratulate you.
Congratulations Stake for your dear day, let's keep smiling.
Happy birthday, many years of life, luck to all in life.


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sorry for my voice and english:)



Happy bday stake. I hope we could still be together for a long time. Luck is really out of my hand..Often times I win,but most of the time I lose. Dice and Hilo are my favorites. Weekly bonuses are what I wanna get but wait a minute don’t be silly and greedy if you don’t want your pocket to lose lots of money.Winning is out of our hand you can’t even get a refund.So learn when to stop and just rest with a lollipop. For my 3 years I’ve been in this stake, I met a lot of people who eventually became my friends. We may seem smaller before but look at us now ..we have grown bigger than what we could ever ask for.So my question is, Ed,do you still remember me?hahaahaha joke

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liric in english;


Today, the day you've been waiting for
Increase by one year, your age,
Always be happy

What I gave, was not a clock and a ring
Not a bunch of flowers, or poetry,
Also a heart necklace

Sorry, not being stingy,
Or don't want to have a little capital
What I want, give to you
Prayer with all my heart ...

May God, protect you
And achieved all your dreams and aspirations
Hopefully given a long life
Healthy forever

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Inspired by "Valentine's Day" by Linkin Park

PS: English is not my native language and my voice is rather shitty. Also this is purely for fun, not for the "contest". Reduce the sound as it might end up as ear rape.

Thanks to @ubbey04


Song: https://voca.ro/7V35bhfHxSM




My cryptocoins all turned to ash, so fast
They blew away as strats collapsed, didn't last

A bad bust took coins away, from sight
And took my reload and rakeback too, that night
And the next reload came closer
But I'm so dissatisfied
Cuz the heartless dice kept eating eating

I used to win a lot from this game
But not NOW
Cuz my strats have lost direction

But Stake's a big part of our lives, love it
Hope it can keep up with all the new heat
Now Stakes birthday's moving closer
And it's so much exciting
All the stakers are real happy
Cuz we love Stake community
Wish that Stake just keeps on going going

Stake now turned three
Start the party spree
I never knew what it was like
To say to Stake
Wish you a happy birthday
A happy birthday
Wish you a happy birthday
A happy birthday
It's Stakes third birthday
It's Stakes third birthday
It's Stakes third birthday
A happy birthday

I wish Stake a long good journey, forever

Cuz we adore Stake quite heartily, much love


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Congratulations to everyone, I have to say that all of you have been truly amazing. :) 

First place  @Mashfiqun2018  🥇
Second place @Tanisha2018  🥈
Third place @xtinepink           🥉


You can claim prizes on the link below until the 22nd of August:

Congrats to the 23 winners!


Make sure you are logged in into the proper account. 


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