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What helped you to find out about the partner's infidelity?

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I think my boyfriend is cheating on me.

Let me explain.

We've been living together for 3 months. Everything was fine for the first couple of months and then he became cold and rude.Comes home only at night and says that he is hanging out with his friends.

Well, for me it's weird as he never did like this before.

How to know that he's not lying to me? I'm afraid he has an affair.

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rig his phone , hire a private detective

tie him up and interrogate , using a wooden baton

but in all seriousness , if your boyfriend is cold and rude , why would you want such a boyfriend first place

also you might wanna ask him and have a heart to heart , maybe you changed without noticing yourself and he doesn't  feel the same way towards you

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