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Opinions and your experience with Stake 3

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On 7/28/2020 at 8:36 PM, Owly said:

It’s a pretty wise move to keep player base at one place :) Besides that, I myself enjoying it ^_^

But few things i want to say about ui:

1) Both cashier and sports buttons should be removed from account menu. It’s just duplicates (see ss below).


2) Relocate notification button next to account button - it was handy and also would be great to make it subtab(not sure if it’s correct word :P) like when you open ViP tab.

3) Mobile version. Would like to see in “bets” not drop down menu, but in one line: my bets, all bets, hr, races.

Thanks for the feedback here @Owly, thought I'd give you a bit of insight as to why we made those decisions.
1) We are of the duplicate cashier, it's obviously one of the most important features of the site so wanted to make sure people would always find it! The sports bets/sports are two different things (you can get to my sports bets by effectively going sports in footer > betslip > my bets tho), but again really high priority feature there.
2) The notification was removed for a few reasons there:
* With friends and pms removed the notifications are really only financial stuff (tips/rains/deposits)
* You can get native alerts on a android for deposits/sports bets settled if you install as a home screen app
* The most common with for Stake on mobile is 360x so it gets real squishy with a long balance etc.
3) The dropdown thing is one extra touch I know but we're catering to a lot of users on smaller devices + alot of users are not viewing the site in English, the tranlstions for some of those words are crazy long sometimes! 
Hope that makes sense!

On 7/29/2020 at 2:35 PM, Nickoshi said:

The wonderful staff, VIP managers, Owner(shout out to Eddie), and quality of life that Stake brings to the table is second to none, with Stake 3 adding increased variety and effectively turning this place into a One-Stop-Shop for any gamblers needs, it has quickly become my main gambling spot. This is coming from someone who has multiple high level VIP memberships at other online casinos, none compare to what Stake has become. 

As far as suggestions know, a USD value in the wallet next to our crypto amounts is something I would really like to see and would help us know exactly how much in dollars each amount is, perhaps with a total USD value being at the top or something similar. And for providers, Play'n'Go has some really nice machines that would fit in perfectly here. I really think Stake should keep on developing their awesome suite of in-house and self made games(especially slots) as well, I love a good in house slot! 

Thanks for being awesome Stake3! 


Edit: I see Play n Go is being added! Thanks guys!

We're actually working on the USD/fait display currency so you'll get your wish soon!

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I have not enough experienced with. Coz I have joint it at 2017 ..... But due to some reason.. I am started it at 2020,, so I am wanting to icreased my level.. Which I am trying... Thanks alot all my chatting frndz and mods too... Who's are helping me lots.. For enhence my experience. 

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Stake gave us what we want, now we can play live game on stake also. And many others slots already in stake 3, those are really fun to me.
I really love to play crazytime in stake. 
But we get some laging or delay during site fixing, if we can play more smoothly stake 3 will be perfect I think.

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In my opinion, the website definitely looks much better, also the original stake games, especially plinko, have a better visualization. Introducing other slot providers was definitely a great idea that should attract even more players to stake. 

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