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What's the Use of Forum Now

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The forum has been good to me. Most important it was a good resource for finding out all pertinent info about all Stake when I was a noob. Now I'm starting to question why keep going.

I am getting really frustrated. I go to post on a challenge and it doesnt get accepted for a very small thing. As if they dont know who I am or if I had ill will. They know if you have an alt, trust me they do and they know I don't have one. I have no reason or use to do something like this. I don't win challenges because of this. They move men around so much so my oost for VIP battles didn't count! I post stuff to giveaways and never win.

You know now that I think about it, this is all inevitable. I know now that my thoughts or opinion doesn't matter. So here I am saying goodbye to something else I used to love from Stake. The way I feel, the more they take away, then so will I. I will not put in more of something to someone who doesnt put in as much or as a matter of Stake keep taking away. It's sad but its life. It must go one as everything will. It was real, amd it was fun.....but was it real fun?!



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