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Every Friday ill be giving away some BTC to the best TIL post! So keep them coming!!!

What did you learn today? Lets keep this thread going. Ill Start!

Today i learned that the founder of Bitcoin.com, Emil Oldenburg has sold all his Bitcoins, calling the cryptocurrency “risky” and “virtually unusable”. He now has put most of his money into bitcoin cash...

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The most important thing I learned today


When you walk into a room you have 20 units of knowledge in your head. If you talk the whole time, you walk out of the room with 20 units so there's no increase in your life. If you walk into the room and don't talk much at all, you have 20 units in your brain, but then you get information insight from all the other people in the room and you walk out of the room with another 20 units, so now you got 40 units. That's called a win-win situation.



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Today  I learned that bachelors degree cannot make you rich alone but its your way of surviving in living and techniques in life ;) 

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