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[0.0045 BTC] Birthday Stories​ 🎂​ ​​| Discord Challenge

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Haha it's very long 2400+ but they just accept 2000 so I deleted some, sorry for my english, I'm really not good at it haha. Thank you for your time reading this, and I hope you like it. Good luck to all, and God bless. Take care and have a safe and wonderful day. ❤️


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Hello fellas!

Thanks for all your entries, it was fun reading through it. 😀

Here are the list of winners:

#1- @animoniexxx

#2- @sojib12

#3- @Raikage

Places 4-10: @BombMagneto, @Iambyluxewewar, @fourPfive2, @JacksonPalmer, @Baqee, @williamshennie9, @Limbo

Places 11-25: @Viksen, @Alberliza, @epasokmulang, @Exchanger8, @Salsa, @lEscanore, @Mamans07, @Hill20, @wiro212sableng, @donreyadano, @Galahad28, @jamesbond, @LOU, @Mhela10, @RDx7


All eligible users are paid via a tip on the site, so check your balance. 😀

Take care Discordians, and see you. 😁

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