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Indepth look into Stake RNG and the proofably fair system.

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To often I see phrases on chat like: "Stake is scamming me" or similar phrases. This inspired me to show you the proof that Stake simply cannot fool anyone.

Let's do a simple calculation using a regular google calculator (it can even be a calculator in your office or on your phone) and a simple HEX to DEC conversion system.

We all know that Stake Originals games (because we will only talk about them here) are based on a very simple result calculation system. When you start the game, Stake gives you a SERVER SEED that will be part of the score calculation system. You add CLIENT SEED, NONCE to this equation (I'll explain in a moment), choose GAME and SETTINGS, and what Stake does is check the equation and show you the results. Now let's check if it's actually TRUE and if we can actually check it.

Let's deconstruct this result and check it with a regular google calculator.

SERVER SEED – 691922054928c927be2cf70614e59b9d12fec05a8686396f008c8e0c4978b8ca


NONCE – 1 – is the number of bets I have placed on a specific game and setup

GAME – LIMBO ( as an example, but you can do it for each game )

To check the result, we need to know UNHASHED SERVER SEED. You can do this on the Stake website (https://stake.games/provably-fair/server-seed-unhash) after changing the active S / C SEED set.

UNHASHED SERVER SEED - 691922054928c927be2cf70614e59b9d12fec05a8686396f008c8e0c4978b8ca



If you go to the result calculation section (https://stake.games/provably-fair/calculation) you can paste all this data.

SERVERSEED:CLIENSEED:NONCE after converting to HEX gives you the result you see in the section CASINO SEEDS TO BYTES. Gra Limbo use first 4 parts after swapping.

So let's calculate it according to the formula given by Stake.


87 – 135

f4 - 244

e3 - 227

30 - 48

It's a simple replacement and you can check it by typing in google - HEX to DEC converter.

Now we count the result and check the Stake. We have to do some math just like Stake does every time you place a bet. What are these activities?

135 / (256 ^ 1) =

244 / (256 ^ 2) =

227 / (256 ^ 3) =

048 / (256 ^ 4) =



notice that the result is correct :)


Now we repeat the operation with the next 4 digits from ours SEED'u.

135 / (256 ^ 1) = 0.527343750000

244 / (256 ^ 2) = 0.003723144531

227 / (256 ^ 3) =0.000013530254

048 / (256 ^ 4) =0.000000011176

We add the results together, which gives us the result 0.531080435961. Then we multiply the result by 100000000 = 53108043.596148490906 and last action : 100000000 / (53108043 + 1) * (1 - 0.01) = 1.8641243876351385 – as stated in the RNG principle for this game, which is on the Stake website.

RESULT FOR THE PLAYER – 1.8641243876351385

RESULT ON PAGE – 1.8641243876351385


As we can see, the result is in line with the bet. The same calculation can be made for each game (PLINKO, KENO, SCARAB SPINS, etc).

If we can do it using a regular google calculator. HOW CAN A STAKE CHEAT? THERE IS ONE ANSWER - THERE IS NO SUCH POSSIBILITY !!!


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Love to see in depth analysis like this. Blind trust is not good. Do your own research :)

Whilst this process may seem complicated to your average punter, 3rd party websites, such as betsesh.com & provablyfair.me, use this same method to automatically calculate results for you. If Stake was ever not to stick to the same system of RNG, these websites would no longer give the correct results. In turn exposing Stake to malicious activity. 

I agree though, it's naive to assume everyone will check every single one of their bets through a verifier or self verification process. However we believe at this point in Stake's life, there would never be a situation where taking that risk at the cost of the businesses legitimacy & almost decade long reputation (When including Primedice.com) would be worthwhile. 

It's some fairly simple, yet I think effective, game theory

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