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​🥳​ Yet Another Stake Birthday Hunt ​🥳​


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🥳 Yet Another Stake Birthday Hunt 🥳

Ends: with locating all the hidden birthday items!

Hello there to all the Stake enthusiasts! 👋 

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed Stake birthday week so far, but the fun never stops, as you are used to with the amazing Stake Team! 🥳 Besides the Cake Hunt we see many of you have been fullfilling ardently so far, we have another Hunt for you, but this time requiring all the best detective skills you have hidden up your sleeve. 🕵️‍♂️ Plese, note this Hunt is for fun and getting to know Stake better 🎈

Namely, our Team has hidden 5 birthday items all over the site, and in the weirdest places ever, places you might not think of looking at, so it is necessary to think outside of the box 🎁 Items, OR features are BIRTHDAY-related, so make sure to look for that type specifically. Could it be a feature? Could it be a user? Could it be a game? Could it be something you click every day not even realizing it has changed now?! Hmmm... Let's see! I won't give you any additional clues, cause I said a lot in this paragraph here 🎂


  • Find the birthday item/feature on site, make a screenshot of it and report to this topic.
  • We will notify you if you are the first player who found this specific clue.
  • Make sure to check the topic from time to time to see which clues have been found, and how many of them are left.
  • There is no time span for locating them all; this topic will be closed as soon as all 5/5 items are found and 5 UNIQUE players are credited.
  • 5 unique players will be awarded, so make sure not to try to claim multiple items, even if you find more than one. One award per player is allowed.
  • Make sure not to bother Live Support looking for hints or trying to claim award for the items that have already been found. No one is entitled to help you; you are on your own on this quest.
  • Trying to claim awards from alts would be most strictly sanctioned.
  • 1 valid entry per household.
  • If you wish to post or to ask anything on this topic, feel free to do so.


Prize Pool: (for 5 unique players)

  • 5 unique players will receive a weekly Reload of symbolic $3 per day for the following 7 days.
  • Players with Hosts and Reloads enabled would have an option to have this amount added to their current one, or to get a bonus in the corresponding amount instead - just state your pick!

Good luck on this Birthday Hunt, Stake detectives, wish you the best of luck, and happy 3rd Birthday to Gary and your beloved site! 🎊

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