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Updated Dice Wager Strat


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We all know that wagering plays a significant role for the level's progress in stake. 


You may have heard and tried the 1.01× payout with 10% of your balance as stop loss and having 1% of your balance as your base bet. 

As what I have observed in Stake 3,this won't work and will only bust your bankroll with a little wager. That's why, I'm sharing you this somehow effective strategy for wagering. I'll recommend that you have a 50 br, gain a profit of 10 xrp in any game. 


Game: Dice

Bb: 0.1

Payout 1.2

Stop on loss: 10 xrp


note: if it hits below 1.2×, multiply the base bet into 3, hit 2 greens and back to base bet. 


That's all, I hope this can help 


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