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Eddie Stake Birthday Stream + $10,000 Giveaway

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4 hours ago, Edward said:

Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd - Starts 11am GMT!

$10,000 in Bitcoin being given away over the course of 3 hours!

Post your Stake usernames below. Your post number will be your entry number into the giveaways. 

Increase your chances of winning!

1. Add an awesome picture of a Stake related Birthday card written & signed off by you 😅
2. Be on the stream so you know what colour to edit into your post (100+ forum posts required) 📺
3. Be in the top 20 of the Birthday race 🏎
4. Be polite & don't spam the Twitch chat or Stake chat ❤️

PLEASE NOTE: Any form of abuse (Multi accounting in particular) will result in a perm ban from forum. No one is exempt to this. 


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