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Need strategy for casino

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Hey guys. I joined not that long ago. I would love some advice regarding a game plan. I am more interested in poker then anything else so I would love some help. I have been playing a lot of different games like Blackjack and Slots before not only in teal life casinos but the online type as well. I was not very successful though since I lost a lot more then I gained. I know that a lot of people are going to say that hey it's fine that is the way casinos work but I wanted to maximize my profits. So I started looking online for different online strategies that might allow me to won against the casino at least a few times. I had little desire to get the jackpot but to just feel a little lucky. I was browsing the internet and talking to different coaches and the best casino strategy I found was by this one company; you guys can check their website here: https://crowdo.net/gambling It was the easiest to understand as well as to implement. I have had a few wins since I started using it but it is more designed towards poker. I am going to try and play a tournament and I will share my results later. Hope this will be of use to you guys as well

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On 8/12/2020 at 7:04 AM, pasolone said:

Try limbo auto bet:
Payout: 2.00
Bet at 1/22 on your budget. (i.e. make it for two starting with a low bet up to the total).

Set on lose 110%

Need a budget with a 1.00000000, if btc you will earn a good amount in long time, if doge nope, if eth so and so.

22 is the highest sequence of red negatives I've ever seen in three years ..

I don't know if it's a matter of time to get to 23, but I hope not ..

So, it doesn't work 100% but in the long run it's interesting, let me know


most ive seen was 28 on 1.98x and it hurt badly

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On 25/01/2021 at 4:16 PM, amyra said:

Strategy is not working because if it is we are always have profit... just play for fun....

The key to pretend to some success in gambling, is to know when to stop.. 

So yes, casinos have sure advantage.. but that is not (in probability) in anyway regular, I mean so if the casino have (10% advantage, just an example), you'll not have strict one loss every teen times. you can play 25 ~ 40 times before a loss as you can get 5 losses in a row when you were just starting.. 

So if you know how to manage to don't put all in and also take a break when you think it should.. you could surely tell then that you turned the (chance/hazard) to your favor. !!



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