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What was your first contact with a casino?

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The first time I was in an actual casino was when i was like 19 years old and a bunch of my colleagues and I decided we just want to go to a fancy casino and have a little bit of fun there. As there was a McDonalds on the way to the casino, we agreed on that the person with the most profit or the least loss will pay for all of us there :D I remember that we did that like 10 times over multiple months and I am sure I actually went out with some nice profit, as I always played pretty save and had some nice big wins. During that time Roulette and Blackjack definitely were my favorites. So yeah, definitely a nice memory looking back at it.

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My first contact with casino was in 2016. In that year CSGO gambling was very popular and I busted all my money(skins) and that's how I started my gambling career.

All CSGO sites were closed 2018 because of Valve and almost all sites are back and now they have crypto withdraw/deposits which is much better than skins.

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