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⚔️ [Finished] Round 7 | VIP Battle


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 Round #7

Ends: 02/09/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 

Welcome to the VIP Battles! May the best team win!


🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ List of participants:

📓 Requirements:


  • Win a bet on Dice (any payout settings, minimum 1.01x) by hitting exactly 00.00.
  • Minimum bet:
    • bitcoin 0.00000500
    • bitcoin cash 0.00020000
    • ethereum 0.00015000
    • litecoin 0.00100000
    • dogecoin 17.0000000
    • ripple 0.20000000
    • tron 2.50000000
    • eos.svg 0.01850000


  • Win a bet on Sports (any sports/markets) with a payout of at least 10x.
  • Bet slips cannot be identical; if you're playing multi, at least one match in it has to differ from the other slips.
  • Voided and cashed out bets will not be counted.
  • All selected games within the slip entry have to end before this Battle round ends.
  • Minimum bet:
    • bitcoin 0.00088000
    • bitcoin cash 0.03700000
    • ethereum 0.02600000
    • litecoin 0.18000000
    • dogecoin 3050.00000
    • ripple 36.0000000
    • tron 430.000000
    • eos.svg 3.20000000
  • You can post UP TO 11 bets (read the *point system* on the FOLLOWING topic)
  • Make sure you don't edit your posts, but create new ones each time you want to enter a new bet.
  • Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
  • Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion.
  • Battle entry must be made from the account linked to your Forum account.
  • Only the bets made by VIPs that are noted in the lists of the participants for the given Battle will be counted in.
  • No alts are allowed, and only one participant per household would be permitted.
  • Bets MUST be submitted on the same date when the bet is made, no holding / hiding bets is allowed.
  • The prize link will be posted after the Battle is over, during the following week as the topic gets locked.


💰 Prize Pool [capped at 1.325 BTC]:

  • The prize pool will be distributed between the active participants (see the point system topic) with the highest share of the pool going to the winning team. 
  • The Winning Team will be the one who has the highest participation percentage.
  • The prizes for the individual members would depend on their team participation as well as their contribution to the win.
  • Increased bet amount won't have any impact on your share in the main prize pool.

🎊 Twist (Each round would have some specific Twist, so make sure to read this - capped at 0.1 BTC)

All users that hit 00.00 on 9900x payout on Dice (Casino players) or 20x or higher on Sports (Sportsbook players) will receive an additional prize (regardless of the status of their team at the end of the battle).
The Twist prize pool will be divided according to the number of eligible entries you've had, so the more entries you have, the bigger the prize.

🖋️ How to Enter:

  1. Respond to this topic, and link your betIDs using the link function in the text editor (for the Casino entries), and post your sportsbetIDs and a screenshot of the bet (for the Sports entries).

(Paste your bet ID, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below - Casino)


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