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Fantasy Premier League 2020/21


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Fantasy Premier League 2020/21

Ends: 12/09/20 @ Midday (14pm) GMT 



Fantasy Premier League is back, we had fun last year, let's continue for this one as well with some new rules and new prizes.

As the new English Premier League season starts we invite you to play Fantasy with us. Let's all compete in the most crowded Fantasy League in the world. Who are you backing this year to win, can Liverpool do it again with the Salah up front or will Man City bring Messi in to finish chances of every club in England? Can Leeds stay up? Can someone do what Leicester did? Will someone score more then 30 goals this season? Will someone find new John Lundstram? Using your chips early or saving it for the end? Leaving some funds in the bank or going ham on every 12m player? Personally I just want to have fun with you guys.


This year we will have 2 leagues, one is Stake League and other one is VIP Stake League, of course you can join both of them. Entry for the Stake League is $0 and entry for VIP Stake League is $5 .

How will Prizes work?

We will have weekly prizes and season prizes for the Stake League and only season prizes for Stake VIP League!


Weekly prizes (Stake League)
This is being decided by the most points in the week.

1. $25
2. $20
3. $15
4. $10
5. $5

Season prizes (Stake League)

1. $500
2. $400
3. $300
4. $200
5. $100
6. to 10. $50


Season prizes (VIP League)

1. $300 + 50% of the entry fee pool
2. $200 + 30% of the entry fee pool
3. $100 + 20% of the entry fee pool

How to enter our Stake League

  1. Go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com/  Create an account there.
  2. Create your team of 15 players with only 100m budget - https://prnt.sc/u6c5k1
  3. Go to Leagues - https://prnt.sc/u6c62i
  4. Click on Create and join new leagues - https://prnt.sc/u6c6qq
  5. Join a league - https://prnt.sc/u6c7am
  6. Join a private league - https://prnt.sc/u6c7oh
  7. Enter League Code - Code is 680af2 -  https://prnt.sc/u6c8y2

How to enter our VIP Stake League

  1. Send tip of $5 to @Darko or @Dusan on Stake in any coin. 
  2. If you don't have the account first follow the steps from "How to enter our Stake League"
  3. After that contact support and say that you've sent $5 to Darko or Dusan for Stake VIP FPL League they will send you a code to enter our league.
  4. When you receive the code for the league go to Leagues - https://prnt.sc/u6c62i
  5. Click on Create and join new leagues - https://prnt.sc/u6c6qq
  6. Join a private league - https://prnt.sc/u6c7oh
  7. Enter code that support gave you and join.


  1. When you enter any of our leagues write your username from Stake and your team name from FPL in this topic.
  2. We will use this topic as a discussion topic as well, you can ask here whatever you need help with, just tag @Darko or me.
  3. VIP league entries are closed as soon as first match starts.
  4. In case of a tie between two or more teams for the weekly prizes decider will be total amount of points.
  5. Give it up to 48 hours after the last game for the weekly prizes to be paid out.
  6. You can only enter with one account/team on both of our Leagues.
  7. Only users that are joined before the start of the first match in the EPL are available for the Season prizes and weekly prizes, after that users who join are only eligible for the weekly prizes.
  8. Users getting minus points just to change their whole team will not be eligible for the weekly prizes. (amount of negative points for transfers during the week will be deducted from your total week points count)


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Users that are in the Stake VIP League:

  1. @Darko - DarkoStake
  2. @Dusan  - He comes from Serbia
  3. @JackStraw42 - Many Luck Diamen
  4. @maxpayne25 - I eat children FC
  5. @zeesha - Zee Roarers
  6. @Zach - Dark Horse United
  7. @DarbiK - Black Rose
  8. @bmmccask -  up the arse
  10. @Koljascha - Avangard
  11. @Thepug - ThePug
  12. @Mashfiqun2018 - HalaMadrid 🇧🇩
  13. @Joni07 - Joni United
  14. @Stefan - dvaipoprijatelja
  15. @Swarton1 - LaDreamTeam
  16. @1MerKieva1 - KievTaxi
  17. @Marvs24 - stake Marvs24
  18. @MilanDj - 3-4-3
  19. @RomaBeton - Maximum 20 character
  20. @cdotonstake - Hail to the Skins
  21. @Faris - In The Woods Somewhe
  22. @Bwanarob - Big Daddy
  23. @JacksonPalmer - StakeJacksonPalmer
  24. @nikowin88 - Nico's Eleven
  25. @eirikri - eirikri
  26. @ozcelik06 - ozcelik06
  27. @MrJoker777 - StakeMrJoker777
  28. @manrush87 - StakeRush
  29. @BennyStocks - B-Stocks F.C.
  30. @Muffin - Muff 11
  31. @Mintin4gold - BITFATE FC
  32. @12swixx12 - swixx12 UTD
  33. @Boddie - Newton Heath LYR FC
  34. @joedol - Anti Joni United
  35. @Nightcrawler - Caiba Corp
  36. @Toya - StakeToya
  37. @zhestka - overrated
  38. @Gijsie - NoFootballKnowledge
  39. @TheBoyJohnDean - JohnDean
  40. @OlegBarca- StakeOlegBarca
  41. @chin0 - KalidouKoulibalyKlub
  42. @jerrahmaya - Jerrahmaya
  43. @Skanderr123 - Skander FC
  44. @ByteMeTwice - The Best @ stake.com
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