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[1LTC] Dear Me...ūüďĚ|Forum Challenge

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ūüĖč Dear Me... ūüĖč


Hello, guys!¬†ūüėä

As you already know, the Discord channel has been shut down, but we wanted to continue our work, and we will do it here, on the Forum. 

For this week's challenge, we would like you to write a letter to your future-self in 5 years. If you could talk to your future-self, what would that conversation look like? What would you ask him/her? We would like to know what might happen in the future, but we are afraid of that. Everything happens for a reason, that's for sure.  Let it be some honest letter, with true desires. 

Here are some things you can include in the letter:

  • What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years?
  • What habits would you like to change by then?
  • What are¬†the goals and dreams¬†you¬†want to achieve¬†by then?
  • What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job?

Be true to yourself, you can admit some things that you would't say out loud. We are here to listen.

I can't wait to read your answers.¬†Good luck, you all, and have fun!¬†ūüćÄ



  • 1st place:¬†0.17 LTC
  • 2nd place:¬†0.10 LTC
  • 3rd place:¬†0.08 LTC
  • 4th-10th place:¬†0.04 LTC
  • 11th-25th place:¬†0.02 LTC¬†


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Letter to myself in 5 years.
Hi Alexander, how do you live there?
I hope you have fulfilled all your goals over the past 5 years and achieved a lot in your life ...
How is your little daughter doing? Are you taking her to grade 1 this year?
Most of all, I hope that you stopped gambling, because they made you make many mistakes in life ...
How is work there? Did your dream of starting to work in your profession come true? I think you've become a different person in terms of character ...
I am currently writing this letter to you and reflect on my own mistakes and the fact that I am now doing... Do not repeat them in the future ...

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Dear Wry,

I hope you are the still optimistic, hopeful, intelligent person you always were.

Wow, Bitcoin at 100K USD, you didn't lose it all on Stake or sell it all too soon right?  Use that money wisely!  No Lambos!  (Maybe a Ferrari though, we'll see.). Get that Kensington flat....

I hope you've found some good things to do with your free time, exercise, read more, improve yourself, and not just hang out in Stake chat all the time.¬†ūüėÄ

You have an amazing family, friends and job in real life.  I hope you never forgot that or squandered it.  Remember, never trade something you need for something you want.

Good Luck Future Wry!

--Wry That Was

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hello Tae 

I knew you are smart and good and more rich  and perfect as you were

and i think this is a good  time to writing  this letter to you to read  the letter that write by yourself so you can find the way to win stake without lose now right so i need to tell you let lose stake a little it will make more fun if win all time it will make your life boring and nothing to do so use money a lot everyday is normal for you now so create some things fun like spend money to a lot of gals that need it and let enjoy  with some opposite  like spend money to charity  build some foundation for people who never win stake haha

anyway wish you enjoy your life with all fun and  happy without bore and find the way to make your balance to be 0  cuz u never  and ever 0  


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Hey Jen, 

I'm reading this to tell you that you've been doing such a great job (even though your totally not, cause you are a naughty son), you're a manager now, a well known business man with so many workers under you, you've been a good leader at your own company, i congratulate you for that.

Also, i noticed You have changed a lot, even though your looks and style of dress, it seems you been thought well, your a rich man now.

The thing's that we keep on dreaming of, ive seen clearly that you already achieve it with high colour's, and im happy that even though your a rich man now, your body & soul, seems not evolved, your still the person i know, kind hearted, loving, generous and most of all, your attitude is always down to earth, the same as always, hope you keep your faith, and your love to your family. 

God bless & good luck




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Dear me,

      I'm so happy seeing you after 5 years through thick and thin  is successsful in the field of your desired profession.

During your college days, i remember you were surrounded with social and bad influence friends...going to parties, arrived home late at night, drink intoxicating drinks as you said just for fun. "walwal" in Filipino term. You also did online gambling .. did you do it seriously? you said during leisure time only.

But now, you look and act differently... you work hard being a flight attendant...flying with different people on board around the world. you even said in months time (during summer) you book a family tour to Germany...a family bonding outside country...it's your dream to take your family to a beautiful place as a reward of their unending support for raising 3 children successfully. 

Zamia, you are now 24 y/o.. are you not planning to build a family of your own? maybe in 2 years time coz you haven't seen/met the 'apples of your eyes'...you still enjoying  your salary to buy all things that you couldn't do during your younger years. company of friends, yerr friends are precious to you. good friends help you deal with stress, help you make a better life style choices that keep you strong.


Edited by Zamia2001
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Dear Will,

You are now reading this in 2025, and based on my current reality I hope that I am still active in this time. I hope that I am still enjoying the wonders of this world, exploring new places and countries, seeing new things and trying new experiences. I hope I am still full of joy and energy and young at heart. I hope I am still a good family man, taking care of those who rely on me.

I hope that I have become more patient, and kind towards those I interact with. I hope to be a better listener and to understand people better.

My goal set now (which is hopefully complete by the time I read this letter) is to feel fulfilled in life, and to have traveled to over 100 countries in the world. I currently stand at 38 at the time of writing this letter.

In terms of status, I hope to not rely on my job for income, but rather have enough money so that I no longer need to work should something happen to me. I hope to continue to have supportive friends who help me through life and of course, good health is something we all take for granted when we are young, but I trust I have taken care of myself so that when I read this letter, I am as healthy and lively as I was 5 years ago :)

Best, William (5 years ago).

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Dina ....

You can imagine that at the age of 20 years and over, you will want various things in your head, desires that exceed your own ability, even though not all of them are, but now they are 40 years old.Therefore, stop trying to achieve these things even though you still hope to achieve it. because the position and status have clearly changed a lot. maybe you were still alone in the past, you don't have any responsibility. but now you are a mother of 4 children. yes .. you are a mother who only has one goal, namely to educate, educate, direct the child in the right direction. fight with all your might in this mortal world for the future of your children. do whatever is best for your children no matter how happy they are. if you do, then you will see results in 5 or 10 years. You will feel joy when your tears fall, streaming down your cheeks in triumph when your child attains his best university degree, you will shed tears of joy when a man from respectable circles comes and visits your home with the intention of proposing dear ones. daughter, and in a low voice he said, "Mom ... let me marry your son, mother. Because I am so flattered by the personality and traits he has. And many other things you may not be able to guess.
for that, fight and stop complaining


when that moment manifests, return to self-introspection. Think back to what things you need to change in your life. If you feel that your economic life is always stressful, life is difficult because of various things that force you to continue working for a living, then that's when you have to change your bad habits in managing finances. You really want to own 0.1 bitcoin, don't you ... then earn it ... you can do it even if you have to go the extra mile to get it. remember your husband saying that hard work will not deceive the results


Imagine again a plantation that is not big enough but planted with a variety of vegetables and a little fruit. Imagine again when your happy neighbors and residents around your house come, and they are happy to freely pick and take whatever is in your plantation to take home by them without expecting a penny, because they are indeed poor people, not much different from you. Think back to when you calculated all the costs for the plantation you wanted. isn't that your real goal when you have 0.1 btc ...


If all this comes true, your children have lived happily apart from you because they are married and have their own home and the garden of your dreams, then there is nothing more for you to achieve, status, dignity, love, and your finances. . You just need to maintain your health to stay fit and away from all diseases. so that you can still manage your garden, still be able to socialize with the surrounding community, still do good to anyone, and are not afraid to be poor if you help others ..
believe ... people who always do good will always be helped and protected by God, and God will not deny his own words

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Dear gougou,

Supsup?As I see you still play on Stake although price  of btc is 1mil Usd .Did you arranged to have at least 1 btc  balance?you are diamond player as I see but do you have 1 BTC balance?Eddie was giving so many giveaways  and tips all this time to everyone. Ok you didnt won the lambo on 2020 but you won many big multipliers. I wish you are still passing good time on stake .I see you are older now and cant dive  anymore  to catch octupus. How you arrange  it?I see one kilo octupus  and 1 bottle of ouzo  costs about 100 satoshi  now. So I am sure you still have few on your vault to use them there.keep going sweetheart  

P.S. Do you still play HiLo?

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Ombrerico, if you had access to that letter, then it has been 5 years of your life and your two main
goals have been successfully accomplished.
Today your life is quite different, financially and spiritually because you have won a nice amount of money
and finally reached your awakening of consciousness and with it the achievement of happiness.
Now playing at Stake Casino has become much more fun and profitable with the help of a beautiful 1 btc bankroll.
Going to the market, shopping at the clothing store, everything was wonderful.
I want to thank you, there were many ups and downs, defeats and successes, but in the end everything worked out,
you deserved it, go ahead because now you, besides being rich, are also very happy, congratulations.


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Dear Escanor

This letter is coming from your, but from the past. I just want to tell you that I hope everything is going good with you and I hope you managed to be a susesfull bussisnes man. I hope you stopped smoking becouse that's hurting us. I hope that you have a beautiful wife and beautiful children. I also hope that you are winning a lot of money and I hope that you are traveling a lot!. Remember to excersice five days a week and to drink a lot of water. 




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1) What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years?

        -I would like to see myself in 5 years, first of all, a person who does what I love and develops as a person. Unfortunately, now sometimes it is difficult to endure certain moments of life, you need to grow spiritually in order to endure these moments without nerves. I would like to start a family, before I was not serious about this, but looking at single people, not everyone feels good and they lack a family, so this is very important)


2) What habits would you like to change by then?

          -I am very quick-tempered and I understand that this is very bad, I can abuse junk food, it is bad for human health. I would like to get enough sleep so as not to think about how hard it is for me in the morning)))). I would like to get into the habit of going in for sports on schedule and not quitting this business .... I would also like to use less cursing and read more books, a person should have a wide outlook. Of course, writing text is easier than doing what I have listed above, but the main thing is not to violate the systematics and everything will be fine.


3) What are the goals and dreams you want to achieve by then?

          -For myself personally, I would like to have a successful favorite business, learn perfectly English, travel the world, build a big house with a garden for my mother, buy his father his special agricultural equipment, which he dreams of ... The biggest dream, this is to 40 years old to live on an island with white sand, grow DD bananas and live for pleasure)


4) What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job?

         -In relation to money, a very simple opinion.... this is a tool and there should be as many of them as it takes to achieve their good goals, because sometimes people earn money for the sake of money and do not know where to put it and violate their principles in life and stop being a real person.
In terms of love, I would like to find a person who is faithful and shares all the hardships of life with whom to start a family in the future)
Friends are good, but the main thing is that the friend does not border on money, because if she begins to border on money, then conflicts are a matter of time.
In terms of health, I wrote above that you need to take your health seriously and engage in health-improving physical education, because the movement is zhzin.
Work should be loved and not suck all the juice out of you and everything will be great.

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Dear myself,

Tell me about Eddies new casino, the one he opened after he sold his share in Stake in early 2020. I think his casino must be just newly opened, because if I'm correct  I'm sure Eddie has been restricted from opening an online casino for at least 3-5 years as part of the buyout agreement,.

Did stake survive Eddies departure? I'd love to know the answer to that. How did the players take the news I wonder? I think many would be shocked, I mean at the moment most players are oblivious, but the signs have been there for several months now.  Im guessing Rade took over the streams, seems he'd be good at that. Well all will be revealed in good time I guess.

Say Hi to Eddie, I expect he will deliver the Lambo to me later this year,  wish him all the best with the new casino, Im sure its a fun site, just like how stake used to be. (haha, joking.. not joking).

best wishes


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What kind of person do you want to be in these 5 years?

in these 5 years I want to have a big business.

What habits would you like to change at that time?

My worst habit is extravagance, for something that doesn't really matter, and I want to change it.

What goals and dreams do you want to achieve at that time?

My goal is only to get income from my business that can support the future of my successors in the future.

What status do you want in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, work?

health and love.

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Dear "Fatty 5 years from now",

1)What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years?

--> Since you are 24 years old now, I hope you are successful in the business plan you had with your friends. If not then I guess you have a pretty decent job or something. Overall I am saying, I hope that you have your life figured out and you are in a better shape, both physically and financially.

2)What habits would you like to change by then?

--> Tbh I really hope you have changed your habit of Gambling (Sorry EddieūüėĄ).

3)What are the goals and dreams you want to achieve by then?

--> I really hope to got more fit and lost a decent amount of weight by then. Also I hope your life is figured out by then, so that you don't have the problems that I am having now.

4)What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job?

--> I hope you have a decent financial status, not too much, not too less, just enough to live a normal middle class life.

     Regarding love life, I hope you find someone by then. 

     I hope you guys are still friends even after college, for whole life :)

    Regarding health I just want to say that I hope you lost around 30 Kilograms by then

   I hope you have been successful in the business idea you had with your friends. If not, I hope you have a decent job that you would love.



Yourself (5 years ago) :) 

Edited by fatty
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Hey Gustav

I hope you have changed in the past in 5 years to the better side and haven't gambled all the money you had away, hopefully you're kind and generous by now and not greedy. I'm pretty sure by now you haven't quit gambling maby you have and wont ever see this message ever again :( but if u did quit it's probably for the best, no more hours of siting in chat talking to every one asking hows every one's doing, the on other habit is i hope you go out more then now (little reminder you were siting in you're room almost 24/7 get some sun go outside u lazy fuck). I wrlly hope u didn't gamble you're money like i said and got you're dream car which probably hasn't change is GTR- skyline 34, or atlest good wife that actually knows how to cook ( go for he inside not the outside ). You're probably not rich but any thing could happen hoping for the best. Hope you got a good job that you atcually enjoy and get paid good have some friends to go fishing with or a son to take with you. All in all hope you're living good.


Sorry for my English its not the best :). I hope you send us theese messages (link to this post)  to our emails so wee could read them if one of us atcually fully forgot about stake or leaves gambling.

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Dear Ubbey ,

I may say... congratulations for what you become..more tougher,wiser and feirce to face the challenge of life .. keeping that optimistic mind despite of all odds coming your  way..

It's a priceless feeling to see you came back home for good and lived in your dream house that took you so long to have it. A reward for  all your sacrifices working abroad ..

You have an awesome family ,circle of friends,  job in real life . You are blessed since the beginning .. and hopefully continue your good deed to others in simple ways ..

Everything for sure will change but your ice cream addiction won't be on the lists ūüėĀ.

Keep your feet on the ground whatsoever achievement you might have . 

Good luck to all your endeavour .. God bless you .. 


Lovelots , 

Simple Me ūüėä

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1. What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years? ==> I want to be someone who can be proud in terms of posistiv, especially in a family which can help with family economic problems, and I continue to try to find luck in the stake: D

2. What habits would you like to change by then? ==> try to work harder by focusing on the goals that have been planned.

3. What are the goals and dreams you want to achieve by then?==> make my parents proud of me, and can help support the family

4. What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job?

  a. money --> I want to be able to control my finances, minimize waste

 b. Love--> I hope to find someone who can accept both the good and the bad of my behavior

c. friends --> I can find friends who are willing to stay by my side to support me in good and bad times

d. health--> i thing every people wanna keep health, mean while 

e. Job--> I want to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, where I can manage my time with my family later


thats all of myself wanna be, hope its will come true :D 



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On 9/4/2020 at 1:40 PM, ubbey04 said:

Dear Ubbey ,

I may say... congratulations for what you become..more tougher,wiser and feirce to face the challenge of life .. keeping that optimistic mind despite of all odds coming your  way..

It's a priceless feeling to see you came back home for good and lived in your dream house that took you so long to have it. A reward for  all your sacrifices working abroad ..

You have an awesome family ,circle of friends,  job in real life . You are blessed since the beginning .. and hopefully continue your good deed to others in simple ways ..

Everything for sure will change but your ice cream addiction won't be on the lists ūüėĀ.

Keep your feet on the ground whatsoever achievement you might have . 

Good luck to all your endeavour .. God bless you .. 


Lovelots , 

Simple Me ūüėä


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 Dear Kelly Kuntz in 5 years,
   Wow, you survived! You didnt slip on a piece of ice in the kitchen or have any unfortunate accidents, I"m impressed. I bet you finally look your age now and probably something like mom, and if you don't yet, I'm sure everyone really hates you for that now. Things really have taken off in your career, namely the part where you no longer need one after you won that 10 BTC in limbo when you finally hit that 500000x that was really intense. FOrtunately the only people that knew about it thanks to ghost mode were you and Eddie, and it sure is great you got over your generousity problem and didnt go off like a runaway garden hose giving away all your winnings to everyone. So you got to send your daughter to a good private school, unfortunately you had to let her out of the house against your better judgement. Not because you were afraid for her in the world, you were kind of afraid for the world and what she might do out there. She really did end up being a miniature you and both of you are spoiled brats, but thats ok you have good hearts. I"m sure you still spend all of your time talking to fellow nerds on the internet and pretending you are addicted to gambling when we know your addicted to grrr'ing. Thats why you still come back even though you say your never coming back, you love those crypto gambling nerds they are your friends. 
    Just don't let them know you won that 10 BTC or they will blow up your telegram, texts, twitter and god knows what else sending messages saying "halp". OK, ok, I"m sure you still halp them a little bit.
    I just hope you didn't win that lambo, where would you keep it?... and that thing would be so hard to drive. Hopefully they just gave the key's to Avi and you won a few good weekend stream forum prizes you really don't want that lambo!
     Well thats all, be good, stay generous, stop busting and keep on grr'ing.
     Seriously though, I really thought you'd slip on a piece of ice or something congrats on surviving!!
                      Love, Present Day Kelly Kuntz

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Dear Zainy 2025, 


In 5 years I can only imagine the sacrifices we have made towards the dreams we  have and I hope that we have accomplished all that we have set out to do.

I also hope that we have maintained the friendships I have built, I know sometimes we feel like shutting the world out but remember we need others in our life too.

Our dogs have probably passed away by now, remember them fondly don't let the pain of them not being around anymore darken the memories we have, the clicking of Frikkie's nails on the tiles as he sneaks behind you, hoping food will drop or Molly sun tanning on the veranda without a care in the world.

So now tell me,

Did we finally get a boat and set sail?

Are we finally living that vagabond lifestyle we have dreamt about so many nights? 

How long did Merv's contact last?

I really hope that we maintained our sanity these years.

Remember you survived a global pandemic and times where you thought you weren't gonna make it, you did, when it starts getting hard have your cry once you're done pick yourself and get started on that solution.

You are an amazing person and I love you, 

Take care of us 

Zainy, 2020



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In connection with your serious illness, brother, hold on, live at least 5 more years, 1.5 years you have already been able to! I'll be happy for you if it happens! I hope that during this time you will be able to forgive those people who have hurt you or are hurting you. Don't be aggressive and rude, because you already have kindness in you,I know that for sure! I hope someone will read this, and make conclusions for themselves that you should always remain kind, and when you already have a disease or other reasons! Life is a short thing, appreciate every moment in it, be able to stand up for yourself, but do not overdo it, as I usually did! I used to swear a lot because I can't do anything or something doesn't work out! I wish my I Hold on man hold On!

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1. What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years?

I am sure that I will have a much deeper and broader knowledge about this sector and I know that it is something that I could only achieve through my experience with you. In the coming years, I would like to gradually take on greater responsibilities, and why not? direct even some projects. If I am lucky enough to be with the best, I am sure that I can become one of them later. And that's what really motivates me and I feel like it.

2. What habits would you like to change by then?

Give up smoking, introduce one more piece of fruit, vegetables and greens into my diet, walk daily

3.What are the goals and dreams you want to achieve by then?

To dream is to fly, it is to give life and color to many thoughts that we have navigating in our minds. Have you ever stopped to evaluate why these dreams occur in your life? "If you can dream it, you can achieve it" - Walt Disney. Famous phrase that has gone around the world, and we have all read or heard that phrase in our lives. 

Read 1000 books, surround yourself with more friends, spend every day of your life as if it were the last.

4.What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job?

Money: money has never mattered to me in my life it is only a means by which to lead a decent life.

Love: continue happily married to my partner and for many years.

Friends: keep the same friends as now and expand the list.

Health: health is the most important thing in life so I hope to keep it for a long time.

Job: keep the job and if possible improve it within my company.


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Dear Future Self,

Congratulations! you are just 2 years away from the early retirement that you have planned 7 years ago. never stop reaching for your goals but keep yourself grounded. i hope you got over hating yourself by now and finally learned how to be happy and how to live your life to the fullest! remember the haters? well, isnt it funny how their words cant reach you now, they never did! so good job on turning the stones they throw at you into monuments of your victory.

i hope you have found true love by now. if you did, treasure him and dont be afraid to communicate how you feel! not everyone is out to get you so dont be afraid of your own weaknesses. the same goes for other people around you, learn to trust them especially those who believed in you and chose to join your company. take care of them like you would your own family. their dreams are tied with yours now.

lastly, manage your money well, you wouldnt want to be spending all that time again just chasing after your finances and living from paycheck to paycheck right? enjoy that house that i have dreamed and worked hard on for you. i hope you revisit me in your memories so that we can share the beautiful sunrise and sunsets together.


your past self

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