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Predict the next alt coin to be added at Stake?


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hi guys 

we all love stake because of its amazing ui,customer service team,challneges and most importantly availability to bet in different coins.

we are still a long way to go and there still are other coins which you guys love and is not svailable at stake right now.

lets play the game and predict which coin will be added here and give your reasons why it should be added.

for me -transactions cost should be low and it should be fast and most importantly they coin should have value.

i personally would like to have gold backed or usd backed coin for more stability,although ether based would not be the best because of the high tranx fees.

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I am pretty sure I remember weeks ago Eddie saying they plan to add some stable coin to stake at some point, this was before there was a "Show your balance in USD" option though, so I am not sure if this changed the plans at all. 

Personally I don't see any coin in the top 50 that isn't just a quick cashgrab that I would like to see getting added to stake. In my opinion it should actually be a coin that is standing out to all the others. Thinking about it, maybe BAT would be pretty cool, as you could even collect BAT by using brave while playing on stake. Maybe even verify stake to the BAT contributions system so people can donate directly to stake via brave. But yeah, that said, either go with a stable coin or with something that is not just the newest up-hyped pump and dump coin.

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