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Does any one have the same issue?

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See the problem is we are all very greedy. 
so use a strategy.

do sportsbetting if you know the game.

bet 80% to double up with a easy single or parlay to make 2,3 odd. 

Just by successfully ocmpounding a 1$ bet for 30 days see what it does to your balance. 

Keep doubling 1$ 30 times what happens. You will probably stop at 15. 
 Now you cannot successfully double it without knowing about the market well-just like stocks so start reading about teams,players.

if you are using real money either buck up and learn about your game or hire a Pro tipster Who can help.


casino is for rich kids. 

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You right lmao, that sounds like a great idea imma try it out

On 9/5/2020 at 8:11 AM, catsforlive said:

After betting $1 for awhile and i get some big wins, i naturally want to increase the bet to lets say $2-5 and most of the time in matter of minutes the game just eats back all the profit and im a goner... 

But I agree, I started with 40$ got to 200 then lost it all... again....

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Sometimes get lucky is how ppl get bankrupt man.

bet 80% on just doubling it up to keep the bankroll growing 100% growth is a day is unmatched anywhere else stocks etc.

bet 20% on luck ,long sports parlays, casinos etc whatever. That way you have a bankroll going.

but the pros with 100k in bankroll only bet 1to 10% of bankroll on one bet,only singles or doubles.

you see that way even if you lose some you are in plus.


all the best. Dm if you need helps with tips.



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