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Betting tips for newbies


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Everybody knows that casinos have a house edge, however, this is often overlooked by many players and they often unknowingly decrease their own odds by making certain mistakes while trying to profit or wagering. Thus, in this guide, i will be listing out tips to help cut your losses and increase your profitability in the long run. All tips applies to all casino games in Stake.com.

1. Organising your bankroll / bets

More often than not, when people are trying to make a quick buck or tilt betting, they often bet a quarter, half or even the whole of their bankroll at once ( any odds ), in the long run, you are likely to lose the whole of your bankroll very quickly. Instead, its better to bet 2% OR LESS of your bankroll at once. 

For example, while playing blackjack, lets say your starting balance is $1000, your bets should be $20 or less, double where you need to, split where you need to etc. but this way, you can't lose it all at once, instead allowing you to build a balance.

2. Martingale? BAD.

Martingale, or more commonly known as the 'double down' method, where when you bet on 50/50 odds and double down every time you lose. Full-proof right? 99% of the time whenever this method is used, it doesn't last more than a couple hundred bets (depending on your bet size compared to bankroll). Because in the long run, it is common to see 10+ bet losing streaks, often wiping people's bankrolls. This applies to all game modes, Roulette, Blackjack, Crash, Limbo, Mines, Dice, Baccarat Etc.

It does not function as a wagering strategy neither a profitable one (in the long run). Avoid this strategy.

3. Always bet on banker 

In Baccarat, people tend to bet on player just because of the 'equal' return of 2X, compared to the banker's 5% commission, 'theoretically' people should bet on player all the time right? Well actually, after taking into consideration the rules of baccarat and the advantage banker has compared to player when it comes to dealing, betting on banker actually has a lower house edge compared to player. In stake.com's baccarat, infinite decks are used, where the house edge of banker is 1.06%+/-, compared to players 1.24%+/-. In the long run, it is always better to bet on banker.

4. Avoid side bets

Although stake.coms blackjack game does not have side bets, people often play on Evolution Gaming's Live Blackjack, where many side bet options are offered, most commonly 21+3 and perfect pair side bets. Evolution gaming uses 8 decks in their blackjack, and according to the math, 21+3 has a house edge of 6%, whilst Perfect pairs holds a house edge of 4%. Insurance is also counted as a side bet, of which has a 7.4% house edge in an 8 deck shoe. In the long run, detrimental to your bankroll.

5. Always use basic strategy for blackjack

Lastly, when playing blackjack, ALWAYS play with basic strategy. Remember to always check how many decks are being used and use basic strategy accordingly. This reduces your house edge to as low as 0.5%!.

Thank you for reading my guide. Please leave feedback below!


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Good advises, but I've been using a martingales strategy for more than 6 months xD . But I use it with really low bets so very slow gains. Martingale depends entirely in your bankroll, you need to do some maths and tests before using it without losing.

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