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Customized Rain: Should Be Players Choice How To Distribute Not Stakes


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So what if on the rain popup you guys add in the option to select who gets rain and who doesnt. Perhaps through a list of active chatters in last hour or so and then the person selects who to include. or for those looking for something quicker, options to select a group of people like silver or higher, or play or higher rankings. 

Or maybe a button that randomizes the list every time its selected and then edit it from there. 

I dont think its very fair with the way they have the rainbot set up right now. It almost seems like it has too many things that it looks for to disqualify a chatter from rains, and then it doesnt really do a good job at making each list of names random because there are many times people are selected more then once or twice back to back. IF anything players should be the ones to choose how their money is distributed or at least given the option instead of having the site choose how to rain it for them (or even know the details of how its being rained). 

The quality of chatting should not determine who gets rewarded by the rains coming from other Players. Unless its rains from the site or staff then yes it would make more sense to reward those who chat how the site desires, but not giving us more customized raining option is allowing stake to use our money how they want for Their Benefit. 

Sure there are people who dont have any relationships in chat so dont have anyone specific they care to choose to be included in rains, but thats why the random option is there. 
People then wont be encouraged to chat like robots or be distressed with desperation and frustration. Like not being included in a random rain is nearly the same feeling as busting or losing a big bet. We have enough of that harmful negativity from gambling alone.

But if you know its not all random, then the focus shifts from getting lucky in chat through chatting to being rewarded for being a nice and kind respectful polite person, and a good caring listener, very enjoyable and funny chatter,  or for being someone who helped someone feel better during a low point whether it be from losing or other things in their life.

Ive been looking at the people rainbot chooses and the kind of chatting those people have and it does not look right. People who BARELY chat get rained on and the ones actually active in chat seem to be the ones left out. Its beyond frustrating to have this feeling of losing after every rain make rains more of a choice then a lottery! that way we can focus on chatting with other people in the chatroom instead of chatting to Win!


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Even if I personally got no problem with how the rain bot is currently set up, I absolutely agree with you that it should be the rainers decision how he/she wants the rain to be contributed. So yeah, maybe having a choose-able option if you want to rain "regularly" or "fully random" or "just Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond vip" or whatever would definitely be a nice option to have.

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Idk why but something is wrong with this rainbot for sure... They say it's completely random and they have no control over it... And they new requirements for rain i.e. $1000 wager a week doesn't make sense at all... I've wagered more than $1k last week (till yesterday) but you can see the image below where it shows that the last rain I got was like 13 days ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How random can it be to miss you for 13 days straight 😂


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On 9/13/2020 at 3:28 AM, KevinS1994 said:

You can do a tip its useless to do it in rain if you just gonna select someone better tip them instead of making a rain.

i think a big reason why people choose to rain is for the convenience and speed. Tipping people individually takes way too much effort and time, especially when you want to return to betting asap. Raining is a lazy way to share. But it would feel much better if you got to decide the kind of people your money be rained too. 

Adding option to customize rains wouldnt affect the speed because it wouldnt take long to set up. 

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@blueprints has a point.

It goes to the question of what is the purpose of rain? 

I always thought of raining in chat as a way to reward chatters for rooting for you and to help celebrate your big wins.  However if chat has a large part of it composed of a bunch of random spam from people farming potential rains, that is lost and brings out efforts to stop the rain farmers.  However, a measure like wager $1000 to get rain shifts raining into a de facto player funded rakeback system.

Since Stake has been open and honest about the 1000 USD per week requirement they have done nothing wrong, people who use the rainbot know who they are sharing with, but I like the spirit of giving users more control over who they send their money to.  That's why I like it when people use the tip feature to send money to constructive chatters or their friends rather than the rainbot which can be easily duped by the rain farmers.

I also like @Dogecoinbrotx's idea to not send rain to people you've ignored.

Good Luck!

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