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Hello guys! :)

For this week's Forum Challenge, we will write some stories for the Newspapers! 

We all know that today's media, the latest technology and the Internet moslty, has replaced something that until a few years ago only existed in the paper version. It was once the most important source of information, which is still represented to this day, but unfortunately much less. 

I'd like you to write a story, an event, made up or that really happened, which you'd like it to be published in the papers. Put yourself in the role of journalist, detective, you can also write about an event that is currently happening in your area or in the world. Be a writer, invent some kind of romantic, criminal, mysterious, comedic story, some sports news, something you regularly read about, listen to. Whatever you want - I'd like to see your imagination in action. You can tell a story through pictures, so be creative. You can write about something that is currently happening on our site, like some latest news.

Take a deep breath, come up with an interesting story on a topic that interests you and write it down.

I'm looking forward to reading your answers. 💙


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  • 3rd place: 0.08 LTC
  • 4th-10th place: 0.05 LTC
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⚠️🔥⚠️URGENT NEWS⚠️🔥⚠️
Today, September 15, the largest fire occurred. At 16:08 from the side of the final stop, the central market caught fire. Trade pavilions are burning ...

At 16:25, the rank of fire # 2 was announced, at 16:29 - the rank of fire # 3. At 16:53, firefighters managed to localize the flame over an area of 900 square meters.

51 firefighters and 14 fire engines take part in extinguishing the fire in the city.


Some sellers tried to rescue their goods from the shelves. But the fire spreads very quickly. According to preliminary data, dozens of retail spaces have been damaged.

At the moment, the fire has been successfully extinguished, transport from the final stop will soon resume its movement. 


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userid- mintingold


Vienna ,austria.



WE ARE LIVING A normal life and our daughter had started going to school . 
We hd prepared her own room so that she could have her own bed and a study table for her studies and drawings.

after few weeks started complaining that her room was too dark at night. I knew at this age kids become more aware of the scariness of the dark so I had no issue with allowing her a small night light. All seemed well until the other day. We put her to bed only for my husband to run into the room minutes later because she was screaming like I’ve never heard her scream before.

He asked what was wrong, and Rachel pointed at her bookcase and said with a look of utter terror in her eyes, “ghost.” My husband and I both believe in spirits and ghosts so this wasn’t something we were going to brush off, nor were we going to belittle our child by saying there’s no such thing as ghosts. So my husband picked her up and brought her over to the bookcase. He pointed out different shadows created by her nightlight, but the look on her face was one of sheer panic. He brought her back to bed and stayed with her until she settled down and eventually drifted off to sleep.

After doing some research, a consensus among different articles and blogs was to have the child talk about what they saw as well as to draw what they saw. So the next morning I sat down with her and I asked if I could find out more about this ghost. She said yes, so I asked if the ghost was a boy or girl.

Without hesitation, she answered it was a girl. I then asked, “Was she small like you or big like me?” She said small. I asked what clothes she was wearing and she replied, “Green shirt.” She wasn’t able to answer what color hair she had. I also asked if the girl was always there and she said, “No. Dark.”

I then asked her if the girl ghost was a friend, and she replied stone cold, “No.” At this point, I was honestly shaken so I asked if she would be willing to draw the girl. She agreed. As she started coloring, she said “no hands.” I asked what she meant and she said, “No hands. Cut.”

I asked, “Her hands were cut?” She said yes. She then said, “No arms.”

I asked what happened to the girls arms and she said, “Broke. Boo-boo.” So not only was there a ghost supposedly in my daughter’s room, but a wounded ghost at that. The last addition to her drawing was an attempt at letters which she then informed me was the girl’s name. At this point, I was panic-texting my husband and I nicely moved Rachel on to another activity. Luckily this topic didn’t come up for the rest of the day.

My husband and I agreed that, for her bedtime that evening, we would both stay with her until she was comfortable. We also ended up turning on a brighter light for her. I told her repeatedly that she’s safe. I told her there are dream catchers in her room to help protect her, as well as a jade figurine for good luck. She was clearly panicky and my words were doing nothing to help calm her. So we tried to work through this the best we could.

We asked if there was something scaring her in the room. She responded, “Ghost.” We asked where was the ghost and this time, without any hesitation, she pointed to underneath her train table. My husband knelt down and told the ghost to go away. This did nothing to settle Rachel. She picked up one of her dinosaur toys and put it underneath the table, facing where she said the ghost was. I told her that was a fantastic idea!

I said, “Let’s put all your dinosaur toys around the table so the ghost can’t get out. The dinosaurs will protect you.” She then proceeded to help me put the toys all around. She seemed much calmer now. After a few more minutes, she was relaxed in bed and we said goodnight. When we left, she whimpered a little, but there was no more screaming or any other issue for the night.

For the next 3 days all went well,She no longer complaint about the darkness. she no longer complaint about the darkness.we were relieved and moved on with our daily lives. 
But it was short lived and i really wish i had taken her more seriously when i got  a call from her schooL saying that please come fast as I am your daughter Katie is seriously injured and we have taken her to the nearest health centre. 
I panicked,I couldn’t believe what just happened, i called her again to ask what happened,but she just asked me to relax as she will be okay and she can see for herself.  I called my husband and informed him about this and rushed  towards the health centre , her face And hands has some weird red  marks And black marks. 
as if something stretched her skin and enlarged it, doctor said they would keep her for 3 days to obsorve as they have not been able to identify what happened.


she returned to us, but has stopped speaking, an dont makes voices trying to tell us something.

i don’t know what happened to her and how to make her speak again.






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Enjoy the beauty of the sea at the Mentawai Enchantment Festival

    The Mentawai Islands in West Sumatra are synonymous with surfing. There are 73 surfing locations, with 49 points that are in the exclusive category, 33 diving locations, and 38 favorite fishing locations in the Mentawai. Various types of waves in Mentawai attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. In fact, the two wave points, Lances Right and Macaronies, are among the 10 best wave points in the world. To see and experience the charm of Mentawai for yourself, April is the right time. Because on 19 to 24 April 2016 there will be a 2016 Mentawai Charm Festival. Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya also invited all people to come to this event. "Don't miss it! The event is definitely exciting. What can you do with culinary delights.

    Guaranteed not to lose on a marine tour in Mentawai," he said. Meanwhile, Desti Semionora, Head of the Mentawai Culture, Tourism, Youth and Sports Service said that the inaugural festival activities have been set as an annual agenda. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy determines it based on the potential and natural resources in the Mentawai, as quoted by Kompas. The series of events for the Mentawai Enchantment Festival include unique traditional wedding processions, traditional Mentawai folk games, cultural carnivals, song competitions and traditional dances. There are also traditional tattoo processions, exploring mangrove forests, planting coral reefs, releasing turtles, racing boats, and traditional culinary festivals. Tourists can see first-hand the daily activities of the Mentawai people, and witness various traditions that can only be found there. Later, this festival will be centered in Tuapeijat and its location on the

    Mapaddegat beach, Sipora Utara district. According to Desti, a series of events in this festival will showcase people's daily lives and continue with marine tourism. To support the smooth running of this festival, the Ministry of Tourism provides subsidies for Mentawai Fast boat tickets from Padang to Tuapejat during the festival.


   "The ship will be routinely every day from Padang to Tuapejat. Tickets, which are usually Rp. 250 thousand, can be purchased by passengers of Rp. 150 thousand because the Ministry of Tourism has subsidized them for 100 thousand," said Desti. On weekdays, the Mentawai Fast fast boat only operates three times a week to Tuapejat, Pulau Sipora, the capital of the Mentawai Islands Regency. Desti hopes that cheaper tickets and regular ship departures every day will attract many tourists to attend the Mentawai Enchantment Festival.




download (1).jpg



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A study has revealed that the weather patterns in the upper latitudes of the Arctic always varied from one year to the next, with more or less ice, more or less cold winters, and more or less long rainy seasons instead of snow.

Scientists observed that Arctic sea ice has melted so much in recent decades that even an unusually cold year will no longer have the amount of sea ice that was until the mid-20th century.

Air temperatures in fall and winter will also warm enough to enter a statistically different climate by the middle of this century, with more months of rain falling than snow, the analysis underscores. For this research, the scientists used hundreds of detailed computer simulations as well as observations of Arctic weather conditions.

The vast amount of data allowed them to define the boundaries of the “old Arctic” and later identify when human-caused warming will push the Arctic beyond its natural limits and into a new climate.

The climate crisis has enormous consequences for the ecosystem, water resources and infrastructure.

To finish I leave you this phrase from the UN Secretary General:

“The climate emergency is a race that we are losing, but it is a race that we can win. The climate crisis is caused by us and the solutions must come from us. We have the tools: technology is on our side".

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Mindblowingly horrible update on Stake.com

Few days ago, the most beloved crypto online casino ever "Stake.com" got a groundshaking update, which was met with a lot of people crying and screaming angrily.


The already controversial and extremely biased bot "rainbot" got an additional requirement to be eligible for catching rains. Now only people who wagered at least 1000 Dollar per week are able to get rained on.

At least this was the official statement. But as a reliable and trustworthy news source, which we obviously are, we can't overlook the actual thing that is going on in this story behind the scenes. 


As many disappointed ((rain farmers)) loyal users pointed out, this only furthers the ((conspiracy theories)) facts that the bot ignores them on purpose, even if they wagered 1 trillion dollar per week and chat actively 25 hours per day. 

The owner of Stake, Eddie M. was not available for a comment on the issue.


We from "JacksonPalmer Crypto Casino News" promise to keep researching on the case and update you as we unfold more and more of this tragedy.

Edited by JacksonPalmer
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No fear, When Anti-X is here

Hello guys/gals, today is 17th of September 2020, a date which has immortalised and will be written in the history books which our future generations will read.


There is global Covid-19 panademic, after long research, a laboratory (wants to be confidential) has come up with Anti-X and antidote, a medicine, a gift from God, call it whatever you want, a one stop shop for the end of covid-19 crisis. It has been FDA approved and meets all the medical standards. The UNICEF has collaborated with all the contries as to provide this to all the citizens of all the country's free of cost.

Be it a infected person or a non infected one, this is for everyone.

The results shown are tremendous, you won't believe that , a person that was tested positive after being given a single dose has shown drasticall improvement in thier health.

Kill all your fears and buckle up, this is the start of the end of the covid 19. 

More results to come in the coming days. I am honoured to have been one of the first to witness this tremendous event to be reporting it on stakes newspaper challenge.

Hang tight, more to come, this is it for now.

(A dream of all the people) Which is yet to become a reality.





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COVID-19, A Test to Humanity

Many people say that year 2020 is one of the hardest year for the World. From burning, explosions, earthquakes, calamities, to this Covid-19 pandemic.

Many has suffered, lives were sacrificed. We lost friends, families..love one's!

As the pandemic keep on spreading, many lost their jobs, businesses and industries suffered, plenty of us struggled, and no one is exepmted. Humanity is being tested!

As the fight with the pandemic continues, humanity has step up, medical frontliners are standing infront of the battle field. Leaders are finding effective measures to control the situation, the community is helping each other, HEROES were born once again. Humanity was reminded to be Human once more.

At the end of this War with Covid-19, i know Humanity will prevail. But, i hope that we will be kept reminded of what this pandemic has made us realize. We are Human Beings. We have each other, we protect each other, we are not black or white, we are not bounded by nationalities, we are HUMANITY!

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$10 Million Lottery winner Doubles fortune on online casino!

Yesterday, a 35 year old man hit the lottery jackpot winning himself a whopping $10,102,216! The man, who prefers to stay anonymous claims to be an avid online gambler, having a preference for betting in "provably fair" online casinos.

He claims to be a weekly lottery player, and after 6 years of lottery losses his lucky break has finally come. However, instead of investing the prize money, he decides to gamble with it, on his favorite "provably fair" casino Stake.com. When asked for comment he said "After busting my reloads daily for a year - It's time to deposit this $10 million and double it". Knowing the risks of his actions, he proceeds with the deposit.

After winning a bit initially, he rains out 0.5 BTC several times before finally hitting several massive payouts on his favorite game on Stake (Mines) and doubling his balance to $20 million.

"It was nerve racking at times, but I was able to double my money in the end" said the winner. "Now I have $20 million instead of $10 million. Should I try for $100,000,000?". The reporter did not answer.

In the end, we do not know what happened to the man. Some say he still gambles on Stake, but plays in "hidden" mode. Others say he left for good to enjoy his winnings. Some say he creates new accounts and makes massive bets on them. Nobody will ever know what ended up happening to this millionaire man.

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Flash Report!!

Village's Smartest Dog Died

Today, September 19, 2020 at Village Nowhere, the village smartest dog that knows the MDAS (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction) dies at age 5. An Aspin Bingo who drew the villages attention to himself for answering mathematics equations died for trying to answer the mathematics equation 100 multiplied by 1000000. Bingo barked trying to reach the answer of the said equation without drinking water and eating his food. Rest In Peace to the Village's Smartest Dog. 



Note: its just a make up story. hehehe

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In the American city of Las Vegas, about 200 people became infected with STAKEvirus after visiting a gambling establishment. This was reported on September 21 by WVUE.

It is reported that an outbreak of the virus was recorded last week in the casino L'auberge. According to the head of the state health administration of Louisiana Nevena , STAKEvirus is contagious because there are cases of its transmission within the community.

STAKEvirus is transmitted after symptoms appear, and in some cases up to three weeks after they disappear. It is the cause of an acute gaming infection, which is also called stacking.

Please do not leave your home and only play at the ONLINE CASINO!


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Butterfly Effect:

Butterfly Effect is simply defined as - 

"The phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere."

  1. image.png.13d83321795f8a23ec1bf413f94a7d82.png


The story which I am about to tell you guys might be real and might not be real for some of you guys.

This story is an example of "Butterfly Effect".


It all started in 2019 in Wuhan, a city in China, when some guy in Wuhan thought it would be a good idea to have a Bat for Dinner. Enough did he knew that mammals and animals also contain some deadly virus inside their body. Soon this guy and his family got very ill and were in a very bad condition. Even the doctors couldn't fined out what happed to them and what led to this. Soon their neighbors and many more in Wuhan were infected by this virus.  Lets call this virus "Covid-19 Coronavirus". And soon this virus became deadly because it was spreading very fastly throughout china and no one had a vaccine to cure this thing. Within weeks China was on complete Lockdown to fight this virus. And soon within months this virus was spreaded worldwide in most of the countries and eventually the whole world was in complete Lockdown for months and it was declared as a Pandemic. No one had any idea when this pandemic would end and things would get back to normal. 

  1. image.thumb.png.e0e9277a2caa51434d3eb792301e2905.png

According to me, I don't think this pandemic is gonna end soon, as the fastest time taken to found a vaccine from scratch is 4 YEARS. So, this is gonna be a long journey my friend :) 



This was an Example of BUTTERFLY EFFECT, how a mam eating a Bat from one corner of the earth led to total Lockdown of the entire world, everything took a break, Businesses, jobs every single thing.



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  • Moderator

RIOT at THE D Casino as Overseas Player "RAINS"?!?!

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA - Police today briefly took into custody a foreign national yesterday at the D Casino in Las Vegas.

Apparently after touring the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn the user hopped over to the D to try his luck at the tables.

Lucky he was, he hit back to back "0" bets in roulette after letting his winnings "ride" winning $6,125 ($5 bet x 35 x 35).

The player, who reportedly screamed "This is from WRYY on Stake!  Keep Hope Alive!!!" threw two handfuls of $5 chips into the walkway of the casino, setting off a riot as scores of patrons dived madly for the chips.  "That's right, get that lucky money!" he is reported to have screamed as he was tackled by casino security and dragged off the casino floor.

Police, somewhat of a loss on what charge to book him on, freed him later that day on his own recognizance but he has earned a lifetime ban at the D.  

(I have always wondered what would happen if someone rained in a real life casino!  Sorry I could not find a picture to do this justice!)

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The 21st century horror know as “Spiraliss”




Spiraliss, a highly infectious type of disease is slowly crawling his way up as one of the most bizarre things humanity has ever seen. At first, the experts thought it was an extremely rare type of parasite who caused it, but, the truth is not so simple.


Spiraliss, is, in fact, caused by a common parasite that can be found in small amounts in most of the fruits you consume daily.


Then, why now?


The experts said that it was because there had been to many changes in the atmosphere and in the products used for plantations, a combination of these two factors very likely provoked the parasite to “wake up” from his slumber and start creating a crisis. Countries who produce the most fruits like China, USA, and to a lesser extent India and Mexico are the most affected by this.


Personally, i had the chance to talk with a friend of mine who is a agriculturist and also have a parasitologist degree, and was left shocked by what he explained to me.


It seems that Spiraliss already caused devastation in older times, but it wasn't properly documented, to search relevant information you need to have access to certain places, which he had to. His resume about Spiraliss was:


‘’Well, being honest to you, the only reason it didn't wiped out humanity was because there weren't easy connections between countries at that time’’.


“The most scary thing about Spiraliss isn't the pain of having your organs slowly twisting, or the fact that there isn't a cure for it. Is that according to my knowledge… you and i might as well be infected already with the parasite with no way of knowing it’’.


When he said that a shiver ran down my spine. ‘’There's no way, right?’’ I thought, ‘’he’s probably just exaggerating’’. I was wrong.


‘’Hey’’ he continued ‘’i didn't wanted to scare you or anything, but you are probably my closest friend’’.


‘’Just say it’’ I answered after looking the hesitation in his eyes.


He took a deep breath.


‘’Is better if you pack up what you have, sell all the things you can and flee. Search for a house in a cold country, where you know not much people will go in the next few months. Things will get scary, Lein, like terrifying’’.


‘’That bad?’’


He snorted and started walking back to his car. He didn't answer my question.


‘‘Just go away! Is your only chance!’’ he shouted and started driving at full speed to god knows where.


I was left in panic. The idea of having a parasite inside my body that at some moment might just kill me in a painful way isn't pleasant. Perhaps i should have listened to my friend and flee, but i felt like i needed to do my part, at least inform others about this matter.




It was hard. But i managed to convince my friend to send me the information that he had of Spiraliss. After looking at it, i wished i didn't.


The first part were ridiculously old reports about the symptoms: chronic pain, the slowly twist of vital organs like the heart, brain and lungs. What truly picked my attention was a report who explained exactly something more unique; the apparition of a mark in form of spiral in the neck of those who were infected. At that moment i wished there were images, but i had to depend on my imagination.


The second part was more bizarre.


It was an old study by some researcher talking about the parasite. According to this researcher the parasite could live in the organs of animals and humans for years without doing any type of harm, but certain type of situations could provoke changes in the behavior of the parasite.


I tried to find more about what these situations were, but there was nothing else. Again, i had to imagine an unknown type of thing living in my heart as a part of me, that creeped me out. It was time to go deeper.




They don't want you to know.

These past weeks i had been watching how small local newspapers tried to publish articles about ‘’Spiraliss’’ to inform the common citizen about it, but they get pushed back instantly.

Just like in every initial phase of every big pandemic that has hapened, they don't want you to know. They don't want you to fear. They want you to live in ignorance until you die, or they don't have other choice.

I choose to be a journalist not because i loved to write, but rather because i loved the truth. People can't live in ignorance, specially if they can't choose between ignorance or knowledge. I'm going to make sure the whole world knows about Spiraliss, that's my goal.




After two intense months finally I'm close to being able to publish an article to the world. The article will explain with details what is Spiraliss and why they don't want you know about it. After is done i will flee to some distant place where only bears know my name and hope for the best. Spiraliss might as well end the world anyways, eventually.




‘’The journalist Lein Slaw was found dead in his house today. He had multiple shots in the back of the head. There were things missing like his personal desktop, money and electronic cosmetics, the local police has confirmed it was a robbery and are doing their best effort to catch the culprits. Strangely, there were symbols handmade around Mr. Lein house that look like spirals, the police department hasn't given an inform about this matter’’.




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2035, A narrowly escaped dystopian time

The advancement of A.I had nearly destroyed the world as we know it.

In the year 2035, the western hemisphere had faced a dire fate. Overtaken by A.I., the Americas were Screenshot_20200922-113443.thumb.png.7d4586183a6555ee289c052358b98363.pngfacing crippling autonomous rule.

Smart robotics trainer, Dr Ligna Flathes was humanity's only hope. Ligna found the courage to start a secret revolutionary organization called "The Cognitive."

The fight was jeopardised when Dr. Flathes was tricked by the methodical leader of the Singularity, Cy 14-Rev Op, who hijacked the Cognitive's payload delivery system.

Armed with a backpack EMP and an engineered  software trojan, the Cognitive worked on the fly, using human intuition to save mankind. Flathes ultimately defeated the malevolent A.I. and restore the power back into humanity's control.

Without the courageous Dr. Flathes and his true selfless fight, A.I. would have exterminated humanity. There would be no future.


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