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Biggest win in Stake


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If we are talking actual $$$ value then these 3 would be the biggest ones I've hit so far. I hit 130x plinko with a 0.05LTC bet for 6.5LTC twice as well in the same 125 autorolls.  I find that especially with Stake you are usually hitting crazy or hitting nothing.  But again thats my experiences so far but boy oh boy do I love when I hit them big ones 😉

852x win on jamming jars bet 4 november 26 2020 1248am.JPG

725.85x multiplier win on doghouse megaways november 30th 2020 549pm.JPG

625x jamming jars noobkid220 november 25 2020 1145am.JPG

2nd 130x Plinko hit on stakecasino with 0.05ltc bet november18 2020 705pm.JPG

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Somehow I haven’t hit big here yet,mostly bet 95% times on sportsbetting.

i hav ereally hit big 25 fold parlays else where for payouts like 6500$ for 5$ in tennis ans football.

but somehow i am losing by 1-2 games in stake- tahts just hardluck.

but i am pretty sure somehow someway i will  hit real big here have a feeling, maybe if not from sportsbetting than  raffle lambo you never know i have 2 tickets so i have decent odds :)

total raffle ticket are around 500,000 i guess till now.

so 250,000/1 are my odds to win i reaally like it:)


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