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Stake is fun :)


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Funny story of stake, actually not so funny a bit painful one but yeah funny for u all.

"Once playing Dice with 1.01X payout and increase on loss by 200% .

After sometimes i chnaged the payout to 100X but unable to change inctease on loss as i forget and ripped  0.01 btc in some second 

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Sure, I was one time trying to win an impossible competition
And I wrote in chat that I was trying to win it
But everyone mocked me, I almost stopped playing that day because I felt that the mission was really impossible and could not be achieved.
I was using a little rain three ripple for the contest
When my balance reached half Ripple, the hit blow came
I couldn't believe it at first, but when everyone saw it HR I was so happy
The task was very easy, with less than 2000 rolls


that my win post :)



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yeah..i can say its fun👏,this is the best casino sites i ever known and also stake is so generous site,how can i say that?ofcourse this is the site that gives a lot benefita to the players..first they are giving bonuses..weekly ,monthly and lots of more bonuses,actually for me its really fun,aside from that if you feel bore or alone in your house you can chat to the players in stake  its either ur own language room or in global language which is english chat🙂!Its really fun ryt?👍👍👍

one time also i remembered ,if i won i shared my winnings and withdraw some,it makes me feel so happy coz with that money i did shopping in online 🙂at the same time i shared some to my friends here in stake, 🙂🙂thats all!

all the best and have anice day stakers🙂

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I been here for a while , there was so many good memory for me here , i realy this place .... the creepiest thing i have ever meet about the dream come true . Long time ago i dreamed bmg won 3 btc , then i run to chat and i tell everyone about that , but seem nobody believe me , and then boom after few day , she hit 3 btc in 1 bet id , that so crazy ... i have meet alot of friend but i didnt dream anyone else but her , im happy for her , she is amazing person . That is one of my story if u wanna hear more ... stay tune ...

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